Demon disguised as a nun in the horrific saga “The Conjuring 2” and in “The Nun”, Valak who is also named with its many names (Volac, Valu, Valac, Ualac) is one of 72 demons from the magic of taste and also one of the demons most feared by demonologists, but why?

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Valak is a blasphemer, a sinner who likes to disgrace his victims but also to provoke tensions related to lust, pride, envy, especially in stories of infidelity but also temptations of the flesh especially in the stories of incest.

He is portrayed as a fallen angel (as well as the other demons who preferred to follow Lucifer as the biblical tale of genesis) possessing a child’s face with angel wings who is very good at manipulating his victims using the illusion of his innocence. Who would be wary of a demon with a face and wings like the little cherubs that are found in stores for Valentine’s Day? In reality, he is the president of Hell and a demon of the most ferocious.

Valak is also represented with a dragon he rides and snakes with whom he seems to have a fusional relationship, some feel that this is his liking for the sin of flesh, but a theory also indicates that he would be the real culprit of sin of disobedience of Eve and Adam for the story of the sacred apple, and not Asmodeus, Lucifer or Lilith as many believe. Thus Valak the blasphemer would have been a snake to deceive the vigilance of the couple using the lack of discernment and the suggestible side of the young woman, leading to the rejection of the couple by God having no longer access to the garden Eden.

If we follow the theory and reflect on the history of the genesis ( The Holy Bible) and the tempting and blasphemous character of this demon, then it would be possible for him to be the snake serpent responsible for the temptation of Eve and Adam. The snake is considered to be deceitful and vicious, although many associate the reptilian animal with sexuality and the desire for pleasure of the flesh which once again connects perfectly with the demon and its blasphemous power.

(Volac seal – Valak, Martin Faber credit)

Valak is the 62nd demon of the goétie and leads 32 legions of demons. It is called into the veil to destroy couples, to provoke scandalous stories but also to obtain knowledge of the hidden treasures of greed and supreme dark wisdom, it is also used to discover hidden or forgotten treasures in time.

In the cinematic saga “The Conjuring” one has to take into account that the demon itself would never have appeared directly in the form of a nun to Lorraine Warren contrary to what one finds in the films, she would have had a vision of a vortex with a shape inside that resembled a form with a hood, the director James Wan would have used it to build the now famous blasphemous nun that can be found in the movies including the very recent “The Nun”. Moreover, never the famous victim of possession Maurice Thiérault has dealt with Valak as in the last part and had never visited Romania contrary to what the film says, but he would have had several demons who would have tormented him for years and that would have led  to his suicide.

In the Holy Bible there is no mention of Valak but of an ancient king of Moab, Balak, who tried to corrupt the prophet Balaam to disobey the eternal and also turns against his people to curse the people of Israel. Thus the demon is often confused with the ancient king of Moab by the likeness of their names but also by their common characters in the manipulation and destruction of others.

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