This magnificent fortress located in London, the capital of England, has in its centre the famous “White Tower” located between Tower Bridge and the Thames, in the London district of Tower Hamlets.

Photo of Anne Boleyn’s ghost taken on the stairs of the Tower, one of the most authentic in the history of paranormal and photography

The history of the place and its inhabitants:

Construction of this tower began at the end of 1066, when the Kingdom of England planned to conquer Normandy. It was from 1078 under the reign of William the Conqueror that the fort we know in the centre of the tower was built and quickly became a symbol of the oppression inflicted on London by the ruling class.

In 1100, the place was used as a prison, but also as a large palace of royal residence. The entire tower is a complex of several buildings surrounded by two defensive walls and a moat. The main expansion phases took place between the 12th and 13th centuries, under the reigns of the kings of England Richard I, Henry III, and Edward I.

What you need to know is that it has played an essential role in the history of England. It has been besieged several times and its control is important for the control of the country. It has served as an armoury, treasury, menagerie, hosted the Royal Mint (an agency whose function is to mint the Sterling pound), the public archives and it still houses the precious jewels of the British Crown.

The use of the prison of this tower reached its peak between the 16th and 17th centuries, when people fell into disgrace and were locked up there, such as Elizabeth I, before she became queen. Despite the grim reputation of being a place of torture and death, only 7 people were executed before the 20th century. During the two World Wars, it was again used as a prison and became the execution site for 12 people for espionage.

According to a legend, crows treasure the treasures of the Crown of England and are part of the typical clichés of the Tower of London. And to quote Charles II (King of England from 1649 to 1651), if the Ravens were to disappear from this tower, the English monarchy would collapse. To avoid this possibility, the “Ravenmaster” was created to ensure that nothing happens to the protectors of the jewels of the kingdom.

Paranormal facts:

It is not surprising to see that a place steeped in history should witness paranormal demonstrations, given the number of deaths that take place in the Tower of London.

According to the testimonies that have been reported, several ghosts are emerging, among them the most famous is Anne Boleyn, who lived in this tower during her lifetime, and who was one of Henry VIII’s wives. She was beheaded by the latter in 1536 for having been accused of adultery, and she was also the king’s first victim, giving birth to the legend of Bluebeard. His ghost would often wander the corridors and have done so for centuries. Some would even have seen him, carrying his own head in his hands! Its last official appearance dates back to 1933. It usually manifests itself as a fog.

Other spirits were also seen on the ramparts, along the corridors and through the walls. For example Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, who died in 1541 at the age of 70 in atrocious conditions, because the executioner had to go through three attempts to behead her.

There are also Edward IV’s two children who sometimes walk the corridors, dressed in white dresses and holding hands.

Another disturbing fact is that the White Tower was never haunted, because at the time of its construction, an animal sacrifice was made to ward off evil spirits. However, during the work carried out in the 19th century, workers discovered the skeleton of a cat from one of the walls…

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