There are a number of places around the world that have won recognition as haunted places because of their history and the many testimonies of paranormal demonstrations. Today we will focus on the history of the city of Toowoomba, considered to be the most haunted city in Australia.

Located in southeastern Queensland, Australia, the city of Toowoomba is said to have acquired a reputation as a haunted city in its later years. Indeed, there are an impressive number of testimonies from the city’s inhabitants that seem to fit the paranormal hypothesis.

One of the first rumours is detected by a detective specialized in the field of the strange. It would be in the cemetery of the city that he would have seen the ghost who, in his own words, “was dressed in red clothes”. He has conducted research and believes that the spectre that haunts this resting place is that of Elizabeth Perkins, a woman who lived in Toowoomba and died in 1944. Continuing his story, the detective indicated that he had tried to develop a contact with the deceased mind. He noted that when he asked his questions, he would have heard footsteps while he was alone. Also, the devices he used would have suffered electromagnetic disturbances.

Another testimony was reported from a man who seems convinced that the city’s cemetery is haunted. Indeed, this regular visitor to this place reveals that during one night, he was allegedly attacked by a spirit. He would have felt strange sensations in a specific place in the place that would have led him to know more and to investigate on the spot. It was at the time of his actions that this man felt that something or someone who would have pushed him behind his back was causing him to fall face down. He explains that after this experience, traces were visible on his body, especially where he would have been touched.

Toowoomba, history of Australia's most haunted cityPhoto of Ascot House, haunted home of Toowoomba. Credit: by Mariedange84

Yet another testimony brings us to Ascot House, an ancient residence in the city where there is also the recurrent appearance of a spirit. Built in the 1870s and used as a base as a reception area for people from the high society, the house was bought by Lois Jackman who fell in love with it and she wanted to convert it back into a restaurant. It was at the time of the restoration work that Lois felt a presence that bothered her. Several disturbing events led him to believe that the Ascot building was still inhabited. Indeed, apart from the suspicious noises in the house, Lois revealed that one night, a young student reportedly saw the ghost of a woman dressed in period clothing whose mouth was bloody and her neck broken.

After conducting research, Lois learned that a housekeeper named Maggie Holberton Hume would have hanged herself in this house in 1891 after she learned that she was pregnant by her employer. Moreover, the employees of Mrs Jackman’s restaurant also confirm that they have seen the spectrum, which despite its frightening appearance would ultimately be a “peaceful” spirit, in their words.

The last testimony we are going to mention is that of a woman living in an old building, also in Toowoomba, who in the past was used as a place of work for funeral directors. She says she saw several demonstrations that could be caused by a poltergeist or hitting spirit. Among those who traumatized her, she says that a crucifix fixed on a wall of her house would not stop falling when she did not touch it and since the doors and windows were closed, it was impossible for it to be the wind that naturally causes it to fall.

Not to mention the countless photos or videos that have been taken by other Toowoomba residents and circulating on the web that seem to confirm that their city is the site of paranormal phenomena. Most of these so-called proofs, in most cases are assemblies, according to an association of investigators of the paranormal of the city.

How can we explain, if we start from the theory of the paranormal, that the city is the most haunted in the country? Difficult to answer this question, however, we can find some semblance of answers throughout the history of Toowoomba, which has not always been glorious. Apart from the facts noted in the various testimonies we have presented to you and despite extensive research efforts, we have not found any other explanations.

Image credit on the front page: by writing 7sur7.

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