The demon Zozo is present in different cultures and has talked a lot about him during the last 10 years through Ouija boards. This demon little known in France, is manifested during sessions of invocations of spirit, during this one, and particularly at the beginning of the contacts with his future victims, he pretends to be a deceased person and even goes up to answer correctly to the questions, then very quickly, it makes repeat the letters ZOZOZOZO, when then the person asks if this is his real name, he can either say yes, or no or go to letters, in short say anything.

However, while Zozo is most often connected using Ouija, he may be able to contact people outside the game through other means such as hypnosis, automatic writing and electronic voices.

His story / origin

Zozo is first mentioned in a work by Collin de Plancy (1793-1887) called the “Dictionnaire infernal” published in 1918 (see below). In it the author describes a case of possession in Picardy (see below). of a girl who claimed to be harassed by three evil spirits, Zozo, Mimi and Crapoulet. In several testimonies we can find three characters, but very often and even if the three are present it is Zozo who makes the contact.

Despite a name that is not reminiscent of a demon, it remains dangerous because it can remain hooked years to victims even going to take a participant in the session or talk to them to make them crazy. According to numerous testimonies, the demon Zozo clearly shows attraction towards the female persons. Zozo is also attracted to people with suicidal tendencies, depression and other psychological disorders, in addition, all “fragile” people are all the more concerned with the danger of this zozo.

In the United States Zozo is taken very seriously and there are even specialists, called zozologists.
Here is the short testimony of Darren, an American fan of the experience ouijà:

“Today, I refuse even to pronounce his name because I think it could bring him to manifest himself. I can not count the times he pretended to be a nice guy, pretending to be the person I was trying to contact with the board. But after a while, he always ends up showing his true identity, threatening me, insulting me and the other participants. Once he even used words in Latin or Hebrew, using Biblical terminology “.

How to know if he is present?

Like many demons, Zozo usually makes his presence known.

  1. Zozo can introduce himself by specifying his name, doing several times “ZOZOZO …” or using one of the similar names mentioned above.
  2. Fast Movements: If you use Ouija, the droplet (planchette) can begin to move quickly gradually.
  3. Feelings of discomfort: You may feel a feeling of fear or unease rise in you.
  4. Darkness: You can see shadows move, or the room you are in could become darker.

If you think Zozo is with you, do not panic, but take steps to end the connection to avoid any bodily injury and / or mental harm.

Quickly cut the connection

If Zozo is in contact with you, take the following steps to protect yourself and stop your discussion:

  • Stay calm: demons and evil spirits feed on fear, take deep breaths and stabilize yourself.
  • Close the session quickly and correctly: If you play Ouija, move the clipboard to “goodbye” and close the game formally even if zozo tries to continue the discussion. If you use another contact method, cut off the communication immediately.
  • Do not mention his name: Using his name gives him power. Avoid talking about him let alone using his name.
  • Find help: If you feel that you are Zozo and still close to you, seek help from a paranormal professional or a religious leader.

Zozo is a dangerous demon and you must use Ouija carefully to avoid falling on him or any other demon.

Excerpt from the Infernal Dictionary by Colin de Plancy, considered as the first text exposing Zozo and “his friends”:

In 1816, in Teilly, in Picardy, a young girl had become pregnant. In order to cover this accident, she began to claim that she was possessed by three imps named Mimi (sometimes also Mama), Zozo and Crapoulet.
The girl went down the streets on all fours, sometimes forward, sometimes behind. Sometimes she walked on her hands, feet in the air, at the risk of putting passers-by in the confidence of her position. Mimi, she said, was pushing her forward. Zozo led him backwards and the clever Crapoulet amused himself by keeping his legs in the air. One of Loyola’s old sons, on the trail of good adventures, knew how to recognize the devils. He seized the possessed and exorcised. Mimi went out noiselessly, Zozo was more tenacious and broke a windowpane of the church by escaping on the roofs. As for Crapoulet, it was in vain that he was pursued, armed with brushes, but he did not want to go out of his way and he came down again soon and ended up taking a position in the intimacy of the young lady.
Everywhere in Amiens there was only noise of this adventure when the authorities thought fit to stop this scandal. A witty man learned from the possessed woman that she was pregnant and he had her get a hospital ticket. When the exorcist is forbidden to practice his art in the future, under penalty of being brought before the police.

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