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The demon Zozo is present in different cultures and has made a lot of headlines over the last 10 years through Ouija boards. This demon would manifest itself during the sessions of mind invocations. During this period, and particularly at the beginning of contacts with his future victims, he would claim to be a deceased person and would even go so far as to answer the questions correctly. Then and very quickly, he would have the letters Z-O-Z-O-Z-O-Z-O-Z-O repeated. When then, if the person asks if “zozo” is his real name, he could either say yes or no or go for random letters, in short say anything.

Zozo could have other names like: Zoso, Zaza, Zo, Oz, and even Mama or Abacus.

However, while Zozo would most often be connected using the Ouija, it would be possible (according to other testimonies) that he would be able to contact people outside the game by other means such as hypnosis, automatic writing sessions, electronic voice phenomena, etc…

History / origin

Zozo is first mentioned in a book by Collin de Plancy (1793-1887) called the “Dictionnaire infernal” published in 1918 (see below). In this one the author describes a case of possession in Picardy (see below). of a young girl who claimed to be harassed by three evil spirits, Zozo, Mimi and Crapoulet. In several testimonies we can find three characters, but very often and even if all three are present, it would be Zozo who would make contact.

Despite a name that does not sound like a demon, it would still be dangerous because it could remain attached to the victims for years, even going so far as to take possession of a participant in the session or talk to them to drive them mad. According to the many testimonies again, the demon Zozo would clearly show attractions towards people of the female sex. Zozo would also be attracted to people with suicidal tendencies, depression and other psychological disorders etc. Moreover, all “fragile” people would be all the more subjective at the risk of this zozo.

According to another theory, Zozo is another name for “Pazuzu”, a Mesopotamian deity, king of the wind demons. It was also found as inspiration for the evil spirit of the famous film The Exorcist. If Zozo is really a self-appropriated nickname in Pazuzu, then this creature has been terrorizing occultists and esotericists for many centuries.

However, most of Zozo’s descriptions consider him a demon, but the truth is, no one knows what Zozo really is. Zozo’s modus operandi is to introduce himself to the reckless users of the ouijà (or other mentioned above), interact with them for a while, then slowly begin to extend his influence on their lives.

Although there are some imprecise links between the name Zozo and the Mesopotamian demon, it is not quite clear about the cases reported if Zozo proclaims himself a demon during the spiritualist session or if it is his malicious behaviour that gives him a demon reputation.

Likewise, Zozo may not be a single entity either, after all, if ghosts exist and we can really talk to them, there is nothing to stop them from using the name Zozo to make fun of us. In fact, there may not even be a Zozo. As a result, the bizarre board movements and negative feelings associated with Zozo could easily be unconsciously produced by someone familiar with the rumours surrounding Zozo.

In any case, in the United States Zozo is taken very seriously and there are even specialists, called zozologists.

zozo(Image credit : Ryan)


Many people claim to have been possessed by Zozo, and the experiences they describe are absolutely nightmarish. The Internet is full of many frightening stories about their encounter with this malicious being and the consequences of each one.

And although not all Zozo’s stories involve “extraordinary” torment from this mysterious force, even temporary contact with Zozo can be a disturbing experience. People who claim to have met Zozo often describe sudden and intense feelings of anger, fear, depression or black thoughts when they talk to the entity. Unexplained consequences of bad luck have also been attributed to Zozo.

For example, according to one witness, Zozo first asked a series of questions about the players’ families through a Ouija board before mysteriously extinguishing a candle nearby. The same witness said that Zozo brought him and his friend bad luck for a long time after the session.

Beyond the psyche, some victims even say they have experienced physical symptoms, including headaches, sleepwalking, the appearance of marks on the body and much more as if it were not already traumatic.

Another witness, who also played a Ouija game with a friend, explains that he spoke to a spirit named Zozo until his friend began to experience strange symptoms that began with a headache and culminated in his unexplainable disappearance from the house where she was at night.

Darren Evans, the most famous paranormal researcher around the zozo phenomenon, told of having a nervous breakdown when Zozo harassed and tormented his daughter until she had to be admitted to hospital. Researchers in the paranormal field have reported having captured what they claim to be Zozo’s audio sequences of PVE (electronic voice phenomenon). Darren Evans, the most famous researcher of the Zozo phenomenon mentioned above, even took what he believes is a photograph of Zozo during his research on December 9, 2009.



However, and to date, there are no confirmed cases of deaths caused by Zozo, but the incidents reported by the alleged victims are increasingly visible on the web as Zozo begins to take an international turn since 2015.

How do I know if it is present? (Belief Party)

Like many demons, Zozo usually makes his presence known. Here are some warning signs that may indicate that you are meeting the demon:

  • Zozo may introduce itself by specifying its name, by doing “Z-O-Z-O-Z-O-Z-O…” several times or by using one of the similar names mentioned above.
  • If you use Ouija, the drop (planchette) can start moving quickly gradually.
  • You may feel a feeling of fear or discomfort inside you.
  • You can see shadows moving, or the room you are in could become darker and darker.

If you think Zozo is with you, don’t panic, but take steps to terminate the connection to avoid any physical and/or mental damage.

Cut the connection quickly. (Belief Party)

If Zozo is in contact with you, do the following to protect yourself and cut short your discussion:

  • Stay calm: demons and evil spirits feed on fear, take deep breaths and stabilize yourself.
  • If you play Ouija, move the board to “goodbye” and formally close the game even if Zozo tries to continue the discussion.
  • If you use another method of contact, immediately cut off communication, according to the best practices of the tool used.
  • Using his name gives him power. Avoid talking about him, using his name and even worse, giving him importance.
  • If you feel that you Zozo and still close to you, seek professional help in the paranormal environment.

Zozo is a dangerous demon and you must use Ouija with caution to avoid running into him or any other even more threatening demons.

"Extract from the Infernal Dictionary by Colin de Plancy, considered as the first text exhibiting Zozo and “his friends” :

(Image credit: Collin de Plancy / Wikimedia)
In 1816, in Teilly, Picardy (France), a young girl became pregnant. In order to cover this accident, she began to claim that she was possessed by three devils called Mimi (sometimes also Mama), Zozo and Crapoulet.
The girl went out on all fours in the streets, sometimes forward, sometimes backward. Sometimes she would walk on her hands, feet in the air, at the risk of putting passers-by in the confidence of her position. Mimi, she said, was pushing her forward. Zozo was dragging him back and the smart Toad was having fun holding his legs in the air. One of Loyola’s old sons, on the trail of good adventures, knew how to recognize the devils. He took her and exorcised her. Mimi went out quietly, Zozo was more tenacious and broke a window of the church as he escaped from the rooftops. As for Crapoulet, it was in vain that they pursued him, armed with brushes, but he would not budge and he soon came down and finally took a stand in the privacy of the young lady.
All over Amiens it was only the sound of this adventure when the authorities saw fit to stop this scandal. A witty man learned from the possessed woman that she was pregnant and he made her get a hospital ticket. As for the exorcist, he is forbidden to practice his art in the future, under penalty of being brought before the police.

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  1. I need help, Me and my friends didn’t say goodbye and someone is trying to break in into my house and causing paranormal activity to me and my friends and I think its zozo

    1. omg, that sounds so creepy! maybe .. okay this may sound stupid, but search for ‘Hailey Reese’ she knows so many things and has an e-mail for this sort of things, just a tip (don’t judge me xD )

    2. Crushero66,

      Hi I’m a fully fledged hunter of the paranormal, l have my own little team that investigates these, and l would like to know things that are relevant to where you were, times and dates to which you may have picked something up, and did you by accident contour a demon of so what was the name of the demon that you called apon. I hope to hear from you soon, l would like to help.

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