There is an astronomical quantity of books and documents in the world dealing with life, death but also reincarnation. What does he have after death? What are the states in which the spirit must pass before its new incarnation? The book of the Tibetan dead is a work dating back several millennia. Discover Bardo Thödol, one of the oldest texts on life and death.

Le BARDO THÖDOL, original title :

  • BARDO : Intermediate state
  • THÖ : Hearing
  • DOL : release

(Image : Vision of serene divinities, source Wikimedia)

In other words, this sacred text is a presentation of liberation of the mind by listening in intermediate states. The book thus explains that the spirit goes through different states, first through death and then through a new incarnation.

The text is thus a description of the states of consciousness through which the spirit must imperatively pass into the afterlife. The book is also a description of the traps that the spirit will have to overcome during its future incarnation (Samsara) to avoid a succession of incarnations that the spirit would wish to be spared but also in the present incarnated life or the spirit would relive the same chaos as in all its previous lives.

The book thus presents itself as a companion for spirits wishing to overcome death to finalize an act of liberation of the spirit. The text stating for example that to free a spirit it must be heard or seen. How? That’s what you’ll find out:

  • Chikhai Bardo These are death moments lasting from 3 to 7 days. The spirit would then find itself on two aspects, either it follows a blinding light (this is the link between the soul and peace, the light) and will recognize itself inside according to the spirituality which it will have followed during its life (the spirit according to the theory would thus form a light gathering its wisdom and its light)… The light called the Clear Light is the liberating aspect of the spirit according to its spiritual evolution, so if he sees it then the spirit will be completely free from karma. Nevertheless if his spirit would have lived a dark material life then he will sink into a period of unconsciousness and his soul will then have to understand the positive or negative acts he committed during his incarnation.
  • Chonyid Bardo : This is the stage following the first one a few days later, it is the state of reality where the mind will then become aware of its state, it will always face a bright blue light (called the Skhanda, including 5 Buddhas) but also a pale luminosity. Because of his earthly choices and his negative evolution, the mind will be more attracted to the pale light, being worried about his mistakes (Tibetan monks then indicate that if the mind is lost in his unconscious one must read sacred texts in the book to appease his mind). If the spirit chooses the bouhhas of light his soul can be reborn by learning from the wise at the end of a rebirth and accompaniment by the gods in his spiritual transformation, but if he refuses to follow the brilliant blue light his soul can be reincarnated without taking the choice of what he will live during 6 successive incarnations. Everything will therefore be decisive on the illusion of karma but also on the state of his mind, as he is in an intermediate state the mind can thus see his loved ones so it can destabilize his state and make him flee from full consciousness if the mind does not find peace and if his family does not read the texts to appease the spirit contained in the sacred book.
  • Sidpa Bardo : After several days the mind acquires a subtle body endowed with the five senses, it can thus go near its close relations but also to relive its own errors and its good actions to understand the state of its soul. But if he falls upon the Yama, the lord of death, his soul will be judged and if the spirit that has not admitted his errors will be devoured by it in its entirety and those until reincarnation at least until the tortured soul manages to find his discernment to understand that it is only an illusion of his subtle mental body, a kind of personification of inner demons and unconscious fears. Reincarnation can be visualized when a couple commits a sexual act allowing to give life.

(Image: representation of the Lord of Death[Yuma] source Wikimedia)

The book of the Tibetan dead is a book that also includes prayers to accompany the soul during the successive stages of the afterlife. Monks and families are advised to read it to help and soothe the soul, but also to “feed the soul”. Indeed in Buddhist traditions a food offering (mostly rice) is made so that the spirit can feed itself during its stages of spiritual transformation.

The book also includes three other steps that could be useful during the embodied life of the mind. These states are then dream, ordinary consciousness and meditation allowing the elevation in consciousness and light of the spirit to allow an understanding of life and negativity that hinders incarnation.

The first state is also valid for experiences of imminent death where the spirit is in the same state of incomprehension of its state, it is mentioned of this state named the Dislok, that is when the spirit returns from the dead in the Tibetan book of life and death of Sogyal Rinpoche, making the connection between the NDE (near death experience) by occidant and the dis

Image source of front page article: http://vietrigpabardo.org

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