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Ghost stories during Halloween are often told in order to frighten the most sensitive souls, to sow doubt in the minds of those listening to the main witness’ account of paranormal phenomena or what he has heard about a place known to be haunted. In this new history, we leave for Stockholm more precisely the metro to focus on rumors of ghost train.

Credit : by Taranto

It is in Sweden, its capital, Stockholm, that rumours of haunting in a metro are spreading.

The construction of the latter began in the 1930s and gradually developed in the 1950s. Stretching over 108 km and with more than a hundred stations, it transports not far from one million Stockholmois per day and until 1996 the trains of this underground tramway were made up of green wagons before the arrival of other more modern wagons.

It was in this subway that the Silverpilen (or Silver Arrow) appeared, a train that is the subject of many local legends. Indeed, he thought that the latter would only appear once a year at midnight and that anyone boarding it would never leave and would travel without return. Many testimonies report that passengers on this train were seen with an inexpressive face and that it generally embarks people using rarely used train stations. Some railway workers even claimed that the Silverpilen was observed travelling through abandoned tunnels. The few people who were able to get off this train say that they were forcibly taken on board and that they left a few months later in a metro station whose construction could never be completed and was left abandoned: the Kymlinge.

Some historical data on the Silver Arrow and the ghost station:

  • The Silverpilen was developed in the 1960s and was purchased by the Swedish government to be used as a test train. Unlike the other trains, which are green in colour, this one has not been painted and has kept its original silver colour which made its name famous. When modern cars arrived in 1996, this train was used as a backup solution to cope with heavy peak traffic. The inhabitants of the city who saw the Silverpilen were struck by its originality but also by something strange and unusual. Indeed, the latter has no advertising poster and there were reportedly traces of graffiti which, although removed, are still present.
  • The Kymlinge is a metro expansion project dating back to the 1970s in the city of the same name. However, this construction could not be completed and was completely neglected.

Aside from the Kymlinge, it seems that just like the Silverpilen, it is also the subject of many urban legends. Among them, it would seem that the Kymlinge station would only carry passengers described as “dead”. This gave rise to the local dialect “only the dead go to Kymlinge”.

Currently, the Silverpilen, which has been supposed to be decommissioned and disarmed since 1996, has been divided into several cars used to train young police officers from the Stockholm Police Academy in their fight against crime. Another part of this train would have been transformed into a cafeteria. It is therefore technically impossible for the Silver Arrow to continue its circulation, yet there are many testimonies as to its appearance in the resorts and remain unexplainable today.

Front page image credit: by horror scarry-web.

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