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On January 24,2018, the horror film Veronica by Placo Plaza was released in the cinema, inspired by a real fact where a young girl contacts an entity with her friends with a plank of ouija to contact a deceased person, but, it is not with this one that she will fall but rather an entity determined to destroy the life of the teenager as in reality. If the name of the possessed girl was changed, history traces the adolescent’s nightmare.

(Image: Estefania Guttierez Lazaro)

The story begins in Madrid in 1990 when the girl decides to use a ouija board to communicate with the spirit of the boyfriend of one of Estefania’s friends, who had died a few months earlier in a motorcycle accident. The girls had made a board out of cardboard and used a glass to serve as a drop.

Unfortunately, they were interrupted by one of their teachers who kept the board explaining the dangers of spiritualism and then the teacher destroyed the glass by blowing it up on the ground and tore the board apart.

Little by little, the paranormal phenomena began to appear, the teenager was used to spiritualism sessions but she had never had the slightest worry, until this time… According to the testimonies, when the teacher destroyed the glass, black smoke escaped from it to rise in the air and go into Estefania’s nose.

Then, the teenager started complaining to her parents that she saw black shadows asking her to come to them with her name. She also began to see seizures when she had never had them before. Terrified by their daughter’s convulsions, Maximo and Conception Guttierez then had no choice but to have the girl committed. She took a raucous, masculine voice to insult her parents and during her seizures her eyes turned back on themselves. Conception could not help but think of his own father who had promised to haunt his daughter and child to destroy their lives, he spent his time harassing and insulting them even though he was dying some time before the girl’s crisis began.

She was hospitalized many times and constantly changed hospitals, none of them found valid solutions or explanations about the teenager’s psychological state, for them she was doing well.One night, the adolescent was found dead, without any explanation, during the autopsy, forensic doctors declared that she had had a heart attack of an unknown nature without ever understanding the reason for it, given her young age and the absence of any health problems in her and her family. But his death will not stop the mysterious phenomena, quite the contrary.

(Image: Interior of the Guttierez house)

Very quickly the parents heard suspicious noises, blows in the walls, murmurs in their daughter’s room or when they were in their daughter’s room and her room, they were completely turned upside down, the temperature suddenly dropped and the doors of the wardrobes and bedroom doors opened and slammed themselves.

One day, the paranormal phenomena became more violent and the terrified family barricaded themselves in the living room. The entity abruptly opened the living room door, which the family had blocked with a piece of furniture, but yet it opened and the living room was completely turned over before their eyes. The family was shocked, but what shocked the most was an object in particular: the portrait of their daughter Estefania in full combustion, but an abnormal combustion.


(Image: photo of Estafenia Guttierez lazaro, family archives)

As can be seen, the photo is burned from the inside, the glass is not broken and the frame is neither burned nor blackened.

Very soon after this incident, the family began to see the same thing as the teenager, her sisters saw a shadow crawling on the ground, the shadow according to the girls had no mouth or even a look.

The young girls’ dolls were thrown into the bedroom while the little girls screamed in terror. Mr. Guttierez Lazaro then took the decision to have the phenomena recorded by the police.

On 27 November 1992, two years after their daughter’s death, the police intervened at the family’s home while doubting the seriousness of the case, but observing that the family was telling the same story without changing its version, the police decided to investigate in the house. They witnessed some demonstrations, a shadow was seen in the living room, noises sounded in the house, the door of the living room slammed by itself.

The chief of police José Negri was present on the spot and witnessed the demonstrations. He then decided to visit the house alone, in the bathroom he felt a sudden wind particularly fresh around him, then he felt a huge goose bumps to the bones. The police then concluded that the demonstrations were inexplicable. The family no longer supported the phenomena that were happening there, they decided to leave the house and what haunted the house did not follow them…

A few years later, a reality TV show was filmed at the family’s former home, rumours indicated that the team had accidentally recorded PVEs (electronic voice phenomena) the show was to reproduce the paranormal phenomena that were the haunt of the Guttirez Lazaro family.

Image à la une: scene from the film Veronica, Paco Plaza, by critical sense.

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