Wicca is a theurgy still misunderstood by people observing this ancient art discipline of magic. Often mistakenly confused with Satanism or black magic, this theurgy applies to moral values of freedom and not submission to contemporary society. But what is wicca really?

Founded by Gerald Gardner, the wicca is inspired by ancient pagan cults that were destroyed by the Christian era. Rejecting the notion of submission and dicta of belief by church and by man, the wicca is an accomplishing of magic art and by rituals in homage to two gods, a man, represented as a father, a god with horn, symbolizing the masculine and the cult of nature, as well as a woman, represented as being the creative mother, unconditional love and fecundity. They are personified as equal but different, but united to each other for eternity. The goddess is often perceived the knowledge of all that is and was, who fell in love with death and could revive every cycle to revive her eternal love (and many other legends around the need to worship a god and a goddess)

The wicca was created in the early 50’s to bring the ancient magical traditions of witchcraft up to date, the term wicca is an etymology of the term “wiccacraeft” meaning spellcaster but also of the term wise “wise”, the terms at the origin of wicca are first and foremost put forward knowledge, wisdom but also witchcraft. Through the creation of Gardner, every wiccan (wicca practitioner) must learn the traditions and rules instituted by Gardner and his first disciples, rules also belonging to the ancient traditions of ancient magic cults.

(Gerald Gardner, credit the crow)

Contrary to monotheistic religions, women are the most important part of the wicca. She is represented as being equal to man, as being his mother, his sister but especially as being the creator of all things. The wiccan, man or woman, is not free to do as he sees fit and obeys several rules, several laws established by the Gardnerian movement and mandatory to become a good wizard.

Indeed among all its rules, it is forbidden to do negative rituals and to do harm to others, indeed the wiccan must fear the law of triple return, that is to say to fear the return in triple times of the harm that has been done or given to others.

Magic must be performed in homage to the chosen deities but also to help or protect a person in particular. But it does not stop there, the wicca is above all a spiritual relation with the divine in us, the theurgy proposes thus to make an introspection inside oneself to discover what is our natural talent, this introspection is part of the rules to follow in the art wicca.

Indeed, there is not only the magic, only the homage to the gods but the work on oneself, working the shadow part in oneself to be in light is one of the obligations but especially a value of the wicca. This magical art is divided into several sabbaths (pagan celebrations of the changes of the earth in relation to the wheel of the year) and esbats (celebrations of the full moon). The wicca never practices at the new moon because magnetism is at its weakest and protection works are weaker. Some rituals require to be started at the new moon to end at the full moon.

Wheel of the Year Parties:

  • samhain : Celtic New Year, it is the celebration of the horned god but also the blessings for the dead, it is also the moment to let go and reflect on the past. Samhain is celebrated on October 31 until November 2.
  • Yule : it is the celebration of the winter solstice on December 21, it is the moment when hope is placed and when the wiccan is reborn, just like the horned god.
  • Imbolc : during the night of February 1st to 2nd, Imbolc is celebrated in order to be prosperous and to show that the harvests return with abundance and strength.
  • Ostara : the spring equinox around March 21, the balance of day and night is present but also the growth of harvests and work on oneself.
  • Beltane : celebrated on May 1st, it is symbolized by love and sexuality, but it is also the feast during which are celebrated marriages that are said to last forever by the strength of this celebration, associated with the cult of the night of the Walpurgis.
  • Litha : it is the summer solstice and is celebrated around June 21, this celebration is for the gratitude of the abundance of crops obtained earlier.
  • Lugnasad : This is the time to say goodbye to the harvest, as the sun declines and the harvest begins to die, like the horned god. Lugnasad is celebrated on August 1st.
  • Mabon : it is the celebration of the autumn equinox and is celebrated around September 21, it is farewell to the horned god but also a period of meditation and reflection on the wheel of the year almost completed. It is the balance between darkness and light since the length of days and nights is equal.

(wheel of the year wicca, improved credit)

In addition, the wicca has its own pentagram, the symbolism of the evolution of the moon, rising half moon, full moon/black moon, and rising half moon. The moon always showing how important it is wicca culture. The symbol is called the triple moon. The triple moon represents on the left the young girl, in the middle the woman and on the right the old woman, symbolizing also the wheel of the year but also the wheel of life and spiritual evolution.

Contrary to received ideas, there are no orgies or human sacrifices, there are offerings for the gods and dances that are in reality Gregorian chants, shamanic songs or ritual dances according to the chosen coven.

Indeed, to become an accomplished wiccan, you must first go through a coven, a sorcerer’s group which allows you to discover the rules, values but which learns different useful things during sabbaths and esbats (lithotherapy, herboristory etc…) but before being officially wiccan the apprentice must prove himself, it is that once he has proved he will be an authentic wiccan.

The coven wiccan is directed by two heads, a man taking the trait of the horned god and the woman symbolizing the lunar goddess. It is the Wiccan priests and priestesses who are considered to be the incarnation of the god and goddess. But everything evolves including traditions, Scott Cunningham has decided to create books implying that now the wiccan can meet its own rules without going through a coven, contrary to what was once mandatory. Thus many have abandoned the Gardnerian traditions to do what they see fit, changing the rules and some voluntarily putting traditional magic aside without counting the work on oneself.

(triple moon, credit cynthia gérard)

But the traditional wiccan does not just follow the rules and work on oneself, it is also a connection to nature through animist values. The wiccan respects nature, the earth and works in close relation with the elements of nature with the tradition of the ancient pagans and the ancient magical or divinatory arts lost in time.

The wicca also celebrates every ritual every sorcerer and witch killed in the name of freedom of worship without ever casting curses to Christians and other religions who massacred the followers of magic, because forgiveness and love of one’s neighbor also belong in the values wiccannes.

Each wiccan must have the accessories to perfect its rituals, a grimoire where it notes all its rituals, all its herbal recipes etc…, a cauldron to prepare its rituals, candles etc…. The art of the wicca makes it possible to free the victims of black magic, to make care, to make blessings but also to make work of sewing, of sharing food, during the traditional pagan festivals in order to help and to show its love of its neighbor.

It is above all a spiritual work but where magic is used to bless and be blessed by one’s own gods. This theurgy has been adopted by several million people throughout the world for its free aspect. But each practitioner must learn by himself, even outside the covens, the art of ancestral magic.

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