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Satanism is often confused rightly or wrongly with the magic goétie but still on the wicca whose articles you can read about Hellystar. What is Satanism and why is it so feared by believers or misjudged? The answer here.

Satanism goes back as far as the Christian era and was considered as a Gnostic movement thus gathering all theurgies whether they are of Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Babylonian origins. Satanism is a categorical refusal that God be the one and only God who directs the world of the living and the world of the supernatural.

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Satanism is the love of Satan, which is represented under the traits of Lucifer whom satanics consider a God of light and love, the father of all knowledge.

This is how adepts practice rituals in order to ascend to Satan for the purposes of spiritual evolution, just as Christians do for God during rituals of communion or atonement.

The difference is that the followers of Satanism make a dark offering (according to the followers, not all do), that is, an offering of blood (animal or human). Sources also indicate that Satan would claim the souls of his followers.

But who is Satan anyway? He was an angel who was deposed by God for refusing to obey him. He then decided with other fallen angels to attack the most precious good of the heavenly father, man, by advocating temptation or violence. But of a deceitful and charismatic nature, he also manages to become the leader of hell and to be assimilated to the devil, to the evil one. You can read the article below about Lucifer, written by John Sinclair : https://www.hellystar.com/en/lucifer-story-of-an-angel-turned-demon/ for more precise details about the Prince of Hell.

But it was only in the Middle Ages when the term satanic really became popular, indeed, a book would gather pagans and pagans refusing the submission of Christianity. This book, an authentic cry of hatred against the witch and the woman, the witch’s hammer (malleus maleficarum) deals with the woman of little virtue, submissive to Satan, loving orgies and massacring newborns or fetuses to Satan’s glory.

It is the basis of this book which, in the madness of its author, a castrated monk devoted a fierce hatred to women, who was going to be responsible for the death of several million innocent people throughout the world over several centuries. Qualifying these innocent or pagan that Satanist, children of Satan and inventing the cult that would now become the trademark of satanics: the glory of Satan. (john ratman credit)

(credit John Ratman)

The most famous and mystical satanic affair was the poison affair, where an enchantress named Lavoisin is accused of having poisoned and killed relatives of King Louis XIV. She is condemned to the stake and this condemnation leads to a haunting in the streets of Paris and in the countryside where witches would make black masses to sacrifice foetuses, abortions.

Sources at the time also indicate that the black masses were not held only among the poor or the bourgeois, they were also present in the king’s own court where infanticides were allegedly perpetrated during these black masses.

Black masses are also observed in England, Russia and even Italy. Sometimes unfounded, these observations often put people to death after torturing them.

Moreover, many people have pointed out that the French Revolution was in fact the work of Satanisms for the violent nature of the revolution which led to massacres of several thousand people, particularly in the Vendée and among aristocrats, women, children and even infants had been massacred in the name of the freedom and madness of the dictator of the revolution, Maximilien Robespierre.

It was at this time that the first conspiracy theories about Masons appeared. Over the centuries, many have denounced Freemasonry as being satanic and promoting hatred of God and ritually killing bothersome or innocent people at their times. While indicating that only a tiny fraction of satanists do sacrificial rituals.

There is a very popular Satanic Church in the USA since its creation by Anton Lavey in 1966, the author of the famous Satanic Bible. The church will have counted among its members the famous singers and musicians Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson but also Sammy Davis Jr. The church that still exists produces films, magazines in the name of Satanism. Now led by the high priest Peter H. Gilmore, the Satanic Church indicates those values and beliefs that are fundamental to all followers of Satanism:

    • Satan represents indulgence, rather than abstinence.
    • Satan represents vital existence, not unrealistic spiritual promises.

Satan represents immaculate wisdom, instead of the hypocrisy in which men indulge.

Satan represents goodness for those who deserve it, instead of wasted prodigality for the ungrateful.


  • Satan represents revenge, rather than forgiveness.


Satan represents responsibility to those who know how to assume it, rather than worrying about psychic vampires.
Satan represents man simply as one animal among many, sometimes better, often worse than those who crawl, who, thanks to his so-called “intellectual and spiritual development,” has become the most vicious of all animals.

  • Satan represents alleged sins, since these lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification.
  • Satan is the best friend the churches have had, since he has kept them in business for so long.


Moreover, the Satanic Church distinguishes between Satan and Lucifer who does not have the same affiliation, in fact in Satanic rituals the followers call upon four demons representing air (Lucifer), fire (Satan), water (Leviathan) and earth (Belial) but do not practice sacrificial rituals.

Satanism is therefore not in part what people think or wrongly believe, it is a belief in a fallen angel with rules and values as in all other religions.

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  • Ravon Xyg

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