The Taured’s Man (sometimes called the Mystery of Taured or the Man Without Country) would be the story of a man who arrived at a Japanese airport and came from a country called Taured. Many people have said (and claim) that this story is true. Most of the problem is with Taured, so there are no countries known as Taured today or during the presumed period of the incident, the 1950s. The story will end when the man mysteriously disappears one day after his arrival in Japan. Moreover, all his personal documents, such as his passport and driver’s license, have also disappeared, which makes this strange story insoluble.

The story of “Man from Taured” begins quite precisely in many springs on a hot day in July 1954. On that day, a man reportedly arrived at Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport. This man was described as Caucasian with a beard. Although his main language was French, it is claimed that he spoke Japanese and many other languages. So far, there is nothing extraordinary to note…

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The sequence of events then differs according to the versions of the story we encounter.
In one version, the man allegedly gave his passport at the examination, and the Japanese immigration officer noticed something strange. Although the passport looks genuine, the country where it was issued, “Taured”, was recognized as non-existent by the officer or one of his colleagues in the vicinity. The man was reportedly taken away for questioning. In another version, the man mentioned that he was from Taured, and while the immigration officer did not believe him, he showed him his passport to prove it.

<img class=”alignleft wp-image-2812″ src=”” alt=””” width=”444″ height=”389″ />The next part of the story details the man who tries to convince immigration officers that Taured would actually exist. According to the traveller, Taured was located between France and Spain, and would have existed for 1000 years.

When shown a map, the man highlighted the area occupied by the Principality of Andorra, and remained at the time himself perplexed as to why his country was called Andorra on the map. Both sides refused to give in – the Japanese officers insisted that Taured did not exist, but the traveller, convinced, continued to cheer the contrary.

Finally, a little too shady in the eyes of the officers, they decided to take him to a nearby hotel for the night, while during this time, they were conducting an investigation. To ensure that the man did not try to escape during the night, two guards were placed outside his room. But the next morning, when the officers went into the man’s room, they realized that he had simply disappeared, and there was no sign of his escape. Moreover, all his personal documents, which could have been used as evidence as to the validity of the story, mysteriously disappeared, whereas it was the officers who held them!

One of the most remarkable explanations for this incident would be that Taured’s man had somehow accidentally crossed a parallel dimension and eventually arrived at Haneda airport. It has been suggested that, based on this explanation, there is a parallel earth that would resemble ours, except that the site called Andorra here, are known as Taured la-bàs.
Another suggested explanation is that man was a time traveller from the future, this interpretation is probably more problematic than the first which assumes that man would be an inter-dimensional traveller.

It was also suggested that an incident like this did occur, although it may be much less sensational. Indeed, this story could have been embellished as it was told, to such an extent that the mystery of the story was created over time. Others believe that it is quite possible that this story is simply an urban legend.

Anyway everyone can see what he wants, but the story alone will remain mysterious….

Credits featured image: Pixabay / Genty

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