The Moires are in Greek mythology 3 women who have the particularity of being deities and have a close link with fate, they are also called in Roman mythology: the Fates. In this fictional story, you will discover that they have a completely different role and that the house where they live is far from being a walk of health for the unfortunate who have the audacity to enter it.

It is October 31, 2018, the plot takes place in the city of Cincinnati in the state of Ohio in the United States.

On the occasion of Halloween, a group of three teenagers aged 15 to 17 years old respectively decided to mark the event by spending the evening in an abandoned house outside the periphery and locate near a forest. Carl, Jason and Nikolai have known each other for several years and for his fans of thrills and excitement, the idea of spending a full night in this old building can only increase their thirst for adventure.

This idea was developed by Nikolai, the eldest member of the clan who, on the eve of October 31, had spotted this place to ensure that it was not frequented by squatters or dealers from the city. The place is totally preserved from all forms of tags at least from an external point of view because the 17-year-old had no time to explore the place any longer because he was disturbed by walkers. Nevertheless, Nikolai believes that it will be a safe place to spend time with Carl and Jason.

On returning home to conduct research, Nikolai learned that a legend surrounds this place. The latter tells that a treasure of immense value would be hidden inside and that anyone who tried to get their hands on it when entering this house never left it alive. This discovery only confirms his desire to further explore this place in order to affirm the truth or not of this myth. He decides to share what he found with his two friends:

  • “Well, guys, I did my exploration in the afternoon in this abandoned house near the forest that we talked about last time. I think that for tomorrow evening it will be the perfect place to have a good time,” he says.
  • ” Are you really sure this is a good idea? I mean is the place safe?” replied the youngest member of the Carl group with suspicion.
  • “Look Carl, I’m older than you, so I know what I’m saying and even if I couldn’t get inside to check if the place is old, when I say it’s good, it’s good,” Nikolai insisted.
  • “Wait! Wait! You’re revealing to us that you didn’t go inside if there was no one there,” Jason exclaimed.
  • “Guys, trust me considering the time I’ve spent to get there and the time we’ll get there, I’m 100% sure we won’t be disturbed. And imagined if the legend is true, the three of us will become rich! You, for example, Jason, can fuck all the pretty girls in your class or even on your campus when they know you’re rich! And you, Carl, even if you’re a stingy man, you can buy an ultra-sophisticated camera, unlike the shit we use in every exploration,” Nikolai swung.
  • “Nikolai, for God’s sake! Watch your language in front of my little brother! I don’t want my elders to reprimand me if Carl ever gets out one of his insults. Your pride is going to end up ruining you one day, but you know what you convinced me of and so I’m walking with you. What about you, little brother?” Jason asked.
  • “If you’re in the game, then I look like I’m in the game too,” he replied.
  • “Okay, so we’ll meet tomorrow at zero zero tomorrow in front of the house entrance,” Nikolai confirmed.

The next day, Halloween started. It is midnight and the three boys are outside the entrance to the house. Carl finished preparing his poor quality camera and verified that the flashlights are functional, confirming to Nikolai and Jason that exploration can begin.

The first thing that strikes you when you go inside the house is that unlike and surprisingly outside, it is perfectly preserved and clean and seems to indicate that it is occupied by someone. But it’s too late to turn back. The three teenagers notice that there are three subsequent accesses, each with a separate room. But the most disturbing thing are the inscriptions located above each entrance of the rooms. Nikolai can read them:

  • “Avarice, Pride and Lust…. Strange why write three of the seven deadly sins on the entrance to each door?” asks Nikolai, “I see only two possibilities: either someone is playing a joke on us and trying to destabilize us to prevent us from going any further, or the former owner was really crazy.”
  • “What are we doing?” asks Jason from Nikolai.
  • “I suggest that we each borrow the piece that corresponds to our main flaw, who may know that one of us will find the treasure!” joked Nikolai.


  • “I don’t think it’s funny,” replied the youngest member of the Carl gang, “but on the other hand, you can’t go back when you’re so close to the goal.”
  • ” All right, little brother. In this case takes the direction of the piece called Avarice, I take the direction of Lust. And you Nikolai, you now know which one to take,” Jason says mockingly.
  • “Very funny! Ok we split up and if one of us finds something he doesn’t hesitate to shout” advised Nikolai.


It was with questioning and fear in their stomachs that the three individuals each entered one of the three rooms of the house.

Jason who decided to go to the room of Lust notices in this room a bed where he noticed a young woman completely naked with brown hair who seemed to be waiting for him for a long time, she asked him: “What have you come looking for? The latter replied that he had heard that a treasure would be in that house and that he and his little brother and best friend had come to get it. He did not fail to point out to the young stranger her incredible beauty and he complimented her as a boy of his age would have done. She answers him like this: “If you want to get back what you came for, you’ll have to spend a good time with me first.” Jason accepted without question. After undressing to join the beautiful woman and starting to act, he noticed with horror that she was actually a hideous old woman, but it was already too late! She drained him of his vital energy and shouted loudly: “LIGHT!”.

On Nikolai’s side in the Pride room, a blond woman faces him. She asked him this question: “What did you come looking for?” He replied, as the late Jason had done, that he had come looking for a colossal fortune that would be buried somewhere in the house. She then replied, “If you want to get back what you came for, you’ll have to answer a riddle.” Nikolai accepted the market and boasts that he can respond to any glue. The unknown then posed the problem to him: “A man was born in 1955. Today he is 33 years old. How is that possible?”. He searched for a long time for the answer to this enigma but finally he finally answered with a sure tone: “because it is not his year of birth! Unfortunately, even though Nikolai was on the right track, he didn’t give the right answer and suddenly felt his legs getting heavier and heavier and began to shake from everywhere before collapsing completely inert on the ground. The beautiful blonde is also a very old woman who cried out from a hoarse vision: “ORGUEIL!”.

Young Carl, after entering the Avarice room, noticed a sad-looking little redheaded girl sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. Hesitant to approach her, he finally took the bull by the horns and headed towards the girl. She asked him this question: “What have you come for?” Carl then replied that his older brother’s best friend heard that a treasure would be hidden in this house and that it was with his brother and his buddy that they decided to come here to try to find it. She replied as follows: “If you want to get back what you came for, you will have to part with something for which you value a lot”. Carl understood that this thing was none other than his camera that accompanied him for a long time during all the explorations he conducted with Nikolai and Jason. However, he has a sentimental value in the latter because it belonged to his late father who was the cameraman of a reporter during the war in Iraq. He finally replied to the redheaded girl: “I’m sorry, but I refuse to part with this camera, it’s more than my work tool, it’s all that’s left of my father.” The child then became angry and turned into an old dwarf woman with piercing eyes as the young Carl collapsed stiffly and died on the ground. She spoke out loud: “AVARICE!”

The night went by and the parents of the three boys are worried that their sons will not come home. After discovering the plan of the trio, they called the police who went directly to the scene. Unfortunately the news is not reassuring, the boys are not inside the house and are part of the sad list of missing persons who, like them, had the misfortune to enter the abandoned and cursed building. All the police found on the spot was Carl’s camera and after seeing the tracks analysed, there is no recording that could direct them to a track other than 3 words appearing in white on the video: lust, pride and avarice.

It would seem that every story has a morality, and it is up to you, dear readers, to find it.

Front page image credit: Pinterest.

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