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Agartha (or Agarttha, Agarthi, Agardhi or Asgharta) is a city, a kingdom, or an underground world. His description appeared in French literature in the nineteenth century in fictionalized books testifying legends and myths Hinduism and Buddhist. The theme reappears at the beginning of the twentieth century with the disputed testimony of an academic adventurer who traveled Mongolia. This legend is then linked to the myths of the disappeared worlds (Hyperborea, Atlantis, Lemuria), and from the 1950s to the theories of the Hollow Earth. It has been adopted by New Age movements. The Agartha is generally presented as an ideal world depository of knowledge or supernatural powers. The Hindu origin of this legend is today strongly questioned.

Map of Admiral Byrd and Raymond Bernard's book, "The Hollow Earth".Agartha would actually be an underground kingdom connected to all continents of the Earth through a vast network of galleries and tunnels. According to legend, there are still large portions of these galleries today, the rest having been destroyed by geological slides. The mystery remains as to where are the different entrances of these galleries; entries which can moreover remain open only for a time only …

The capital of this Kingdom is Shambhala. This belief is very much related to the world of Buddhism, but it is also found in the folklore of Tibet, Mongolia, China, Turkestan, Kashmir, Persia, Russia, France, Germany, etc.

It would keep in its midst archival libraries the lost knowledge of the legendary sunken continents of Atlantis and Lemuria, would be the refuge of the “lightning men” cited in the Tjukurpa of Australian aborigines and Mohawk cosmology, but also of the disappeared civilizations of the Mayas and Aztecs, as well as their hidden treasures before the arrival of the conquistadores.

The Kingdom of Agartha is also at the root of the theory of the partisans of the Hollow Earth, affirming that the interior of the Earth is not only composed of solid matter, but also of oceans, masses of grounds to which it can be accessed through entrances to the North Pole and the South Pole, or through deep faults on the surface of the planet.

This has some connection with alchemy, especially because of a form of energy called VRIL (it is the people of this underground kingdom who could use this “energy”).

Interpretation of Agartha.The creatures who live inside the planets live much longer and in much easier conditions than those who remain immersed in the outer duality of days and nights, winters and summers, hot and cold. This is easily explained by the light of an elementary law of dynamics: when a body orbits around another body of larger mass, its periphery is naturally subjected to a centrifugal force, generating instability and turbulence, whereas under the inverse gravitational effect called centripetal force, its center remains continuously in a position of stability and equilibrium.

This is the reason why the most evolved beings of the different planetary systems of our galaxy naturally tend to elect residence inside the planets rather than on their outer surface. Today, a people would live under the Earth, in the kingdom of Agartha, the entrances being clogged and hidden, like the entrances of the poles remained for a long time without any protection, because of the cold climate and the hostile environment which reigns on the pack ice, which allowed, until the advent of the new industrial technologies, to naturally keep these two openings safe from expeditions by adventurers or soldiers, are today carefully protected by powerful electromagnetic now prevent drones, stealth planes and other spy satellites from identifying the exact location of these doors …

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