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Everyone has already seen and seen the Chucky movie series, the story of a doll owned by the terrifying serial killer Charles Lee Ray who haunted the doll when he was murdered by police looking for ultimate victims, especially children to take possession of their bodies in order to regain life. Robert is the story that inspired Chucky. Return on the legend surrounding this adorable doll which made the turn of the world.

(Robert the doll, Key West Martello Museum)

In 1906 the doll cursed by a servant of the Otto family was offered to the son of the family, the young Robert. It is said that the servant of African origin practiced voodoo and that he was angry with the family for the ill-treatment he suffered. It was then that he made a straw and rag doll to give to the little one. The child who was introverted immediately clung to his new best friend and gave him his own name: Robert. The two inseparable spent long hours together and had very long conversations that became darker and darker. The parents were not worried, on the contrary they were happy that their son finally had a friend with whom to talk, even if the mother found it strange that the little one altered his voice to answer the doll who asked him questions.

But the phenomena became even darker: one night the parents of young Robert heard a loud crash in his room, when they entered the room they found their son tetanized for fear that the responsible was the doll.

The family felt worse and worse in the presence of the Robert doll. They claimed that the doll often changed place and facial expression. The neighbours also reported seeing the doll looking out the window in the family’s absence. They then decided to put the doll in the attic.

Years later, Robert Eugène Otto became a painter with a growing reputation. He married Anne and when his parents died, he inherited the family home. But the haunting takes back its force and Robert becomes again obsessed by the doll, seeing again only by him. He thus announces to his wife that the doll wants a beautiful room with beautiful windows to be able to look at the passers-by and what was happening in the district. According to him, the doll was very curious and loved to look behind the windows.

Very quickly the neighbours but especially the children of the district gathered in front of the Otto family home to look at the window of the attic where the doll was installed. For them the doll changed place or facial expression. Anne was also worried that the doll would move by itself. Indeed, she thought it was her husband’s fault, but he always told her that it was the doll moving alone.

One day, the family brought in a plumber because there was a leak in the ceiling. The worker did not feel comfortable and left the house leaving his tools. He later reported that several times the Robert doll was moving and changing places. Also, he heard demonic laughter in the doll’s presence. Family members also reported that the doll’s facial expressions changed to hateful. She often changed the positions of her postures or places.

Robert died in 1974 and his wife left the doll in the attic. When she in turn left, the occupants who followed in the house remained frightened by the doll and some were nightmares or panic attacks. They were convinced that the doll wanted to hurt them.

Finally, Robert the Cursed Doll was placed at the Fort East Martello Museum (Key West). Very quickly the visitors could see that the doll was capricious and that it was necessary to be respectful with her in particular in the fact of asking the doll the authorization to take her picture. Otherwise Robert the doll would make the cameras/videos mysteriously turn off or break inexplicably.

Credit-Image : Fort East Martello Museum (Key West)

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