If there is one category of alien that makes ufology shiver, it is the reptilians. Often put forward in the affairs of government conspiracy theories, they make as much shiver by their form of semi human reptile as the purpose of attacks against our land. Who are they?

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While many sources vary on this subject. It is agreed that the reptilians and their first apparitions come from the writings of the author Brad Steiger in his book “les saucoupes volantes sont hostiles” in 1967. Book in which the author was convinced that UFOs wanted to annihilate the human species. Indeed, according to several ufologists, certain types of extraterrestrials, including reptilians, have as their goal the submission and destruction of the human species, whether through abductions or mind controls.

We also find the reptilians the same year in the Star Trek series where Captain Kirk is attacked by an alien Gorn, planet Sestus III, the Gorns lived underground and attacked those who were on their territory.

Nevertheless, the first half human half reptile creatures find their origin in literature, in particular Conan (the barbarian) or this one fought against this type of creature. The famous author H.P Lovecraft describes it in “The Nameless City” and “He Who Haunted the Darkness”. Author Edgar Rice Burroughs also mentions semi-human semi-reptile creatures living underground reducing the human species to slavery and as food.

works of fiction such as Star Strek, the V series but still Doctor Who also mention it even if these do not have the same goal of domination, if the former wish to subdue humans, the latter live hidden under the earth.

(credit : U’:r Geek : la série V)

<img class=” image-6454 alignright” src=”https://www.hellystar.com/fichiers/2018/04/bcc134a4e33fefbfc74cbaf2dc8972a3.jpg” alt=””” width=”376″ height=”555″ />Then, according to the authors and sources, there are two types of reptilian :

The reptilians of cosmic origin:

They are of extraterrestrial origins and would be thus according to the various theories of the plot on the point or already in the process of making slaves of the humans, the theories speak about sacrifices of children but also that the humans serve them as food. Also, various nations throughout the world would be ruled by them, taking human form and wearing lenses not to be recognized by humans. The author David Icke, well known for his various theories, used Brad Steiger’s idea to popularize it, which is the most advanced theory on reptilians. Some believe that the famous Illuminati are actually reptilians.

Land reptilians

It is also argued that reptilians survived the cataclysm that wiped out species on earth in the Cretaceous era. They would have lived at that time, having been the first humanoids present on earth but not having the same communication systems as us humans. They would have lived in the most underground caves possible to survive the toxic gases and dusts which were also the cause of the death of the dinosaurs, some were indeed killed by the explosion of the meteorite but others died of asphyxia.

Cut off from the world, they would then take back the lowest instinct to survive and occasionally come to the surface to get food. Theory defended by the author John Rhodes. In addition, surviving creature races have adapted to the new climatic and terrestrial conditions.

Moreover, in the 2000s a Swedish author named Ole K. had obtained an interview from a certain Lacerta, a reptilian living underground and endowed with an intelligence equal to or even superior to ours. The affair was publicized and popularized during 3 years before ceasing all correspondence. Many believe that this affair was a Fake but it is interesting to ask the question if the human was simply not about to admit that we are not the only humanoid creatures on earth and in the universe.

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