Since 2014, the release date of The Conjuring, the paranormal investigations of the famous couple of the Warren family are brought to light. One of the most mystical cases in spiritist and demonic stories is the Smurl family. In addition, Robert Curran’s book “The Haunted” is devoted entirely to this story, as well as a TV movie, “The Haunted House” by Robert Mandel.

After the hurricane Agnès, Jack and Janet Smurl and their children, Heather, Shannon, Dawn and Carin, were forced to leave their homes for a shared suburban lodge bought by Jack’s parents. John and Mary in Pittson, Pennsylvania, USA, 1973. The Smurl family settled on the left side of the pavilion while Jack’s parents live on the right side, the house being old, Jack and Janet decide to make landscaping work in their side of the house to make it more convenient.

It was in 1974 that the paranormal phenomena began gradually, a dark spot appears inexplicably on a carpet, even cleaning it again, the task returned. The toilet and washbasin in the bathroom were covered with scratches, while they were new. The eldest daughter would have seen transparent forms hanging over her bed. Just like the tele-catch fire, then it was the turn of the water pipes to start fleeing, without explanation, because once again, even repair them, they finally let go again.

But in 1977, the phenomena began to worsen, the radio turned on and off by itself, the flush was triggered by itself, the drawers opened and closed on their own, footsteps became were heard on the stairs and the smell of the most violent death is felt throughout the house. Jack began to feel a hand caressing him or grazing him, and then the house became colder and colder.

In the meantime, Janet gave birth to two little girls, and the situation in the house grew darker and darker. One day while she was in the kitchen, Janet saw a shape in front of her, a black shadow that froze her blood.

On several occasions, when she was alone in the house, she heard her name being spoken, she searched everywhere in the house, she never found the culprit.

Jack’s parents regularly heard insults and screams coming from the side of Jack and Janet’s house. They thought at the time that the couple had problems, but the day Jack’s mother Mary saw the dark entity seen by her stepdaughter a few seconds later than she, she quickly realized that nothing was rational, worse yet, she understood that they were not beneficial entities.

One day, while the suspended fan (old luminaire) was detached to land a few meters from the little Shannon then aged 7 years. Janet, meanwhile, woke up sometimes in a state of levitation, but another time, it was a violent physical aggression that projected her out of the marital bed, while Jack was completely paralyzed.

Then, it was little Shannon’s turn to be dragged out of her room to be found paralyzed by fear down the stairs, even the family dog, an adorable German Shepherd named Simon, found himself in a state of levitation.

In everyday life, scratches were heard, rattles in the walls. And then one evening, as Jack fell asleep in the living room in front of the TV, he was brutally awakened by a new paralysis that threw him to the ground, and he saw an old misshapen woman standing on him to rape him. According to him, sometimes she appeared old, sometimes young, with red eyes and yellow gums.

Janet made the decision to appeal to the Warren couple.

The couple explained that four entities haunted the house, including a man who appeared in shadow who murdered his wife and her lover before being hanged by the crowd a century ago, an old woman, a powerful demon but also a force that they could not channel, or even the other mediums that intervened in the story.

The couple also investigated outside for testimonies from neighbors who witnessed the facts and indeed, when the couple was not in the house, they heard screams, screams, grunts coming from the house.

Ed contacted Father McKenna, a Vatican-mandated exorcist who had already proven himself to the Warren family, and attempted an exorcism in the house. But the effect was not up to expectations, worse still, the phenomena only increased. Moreover, during the exorcism, insulting EVP for the Warren were heard, and Ed felt strangled by a demonic force. He had to recover from the aggression for several days.

Janet said she had been sexually assaulted by the shadows she had seen, one of the twins, Carin, suddenly fell ill and nearly died from this inexplicable infection, and Dawn, the second twin, she became also sexually assaulting the entity. Janet and her mother-in-law had traces of beatings, bites, and bites all over the body.

The demons of the Smurl family constantly haunted the family and followed them wherever they went, both at work and at camping, the demons were there to oppress them.

Father McKenna attempted a second exorcism several months later, to no avail. The church decided to stop trying anything for the Smurl family, as rumors of false activities were heard. Indeed, although witnesses saw the activities, many thought it was a tactic to sell the house, following the financial difficulties of the family.

Janet could no longer tolerate the phenomena and harassment of entities that had only grown since Father McKenna’s exorcism. She then decided to contact the press, hoping then that the church is moving for another exorcism. Very badly taken from him, the journalists began to harass them, but also the neighbors and enthusiasts of paranormal phenomena.

The family then decided to contact Lorraine Warren’s counsel, a psychic named Mary Alice Rinkman, corroborating the testimony of the Warren family. The diocese then agrees to help the family after the evidence gathered by the medium and the couple Warren and Warren Ed Warren then prepares a third exorcism with the help of several priests and a group of parishioners to form an egregore of prayers.

In the meantime, Ed Warren connects writer Robert Curran to write the Smurl’s demonic story.

The exorcism was a success, at least, no phenomenon was felt 10 years after the beginning of the phenomena, the Smurl family could finally breathe. Finally, only for three months, one night, Jack saw the shadow redraw in front of him, according to what he reported, he took a cross to pray to the Lord hoping that it was only an isolated incident, but the entities pests had a completely different plan, and the phenomena of haunting started again.

A fourth and final exorcism took place, but exhausted by ten years of fighting against ferocious entities, the family decided to leave the scene.

Never again were the Smurl victims of haunting phenomena, and the person who lived in the house after the move in 1988, declared that nothing supernatural was known.

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