Wherever you go, we will never stop telling you: “The ouijà, it’s dangerous!”, so, not to dissuade you but to expose, we have chosen to make you discover 3 impressive testimonies.

Testimony n°1 by “Latole”

ouijaWhen I was 13, I met a 16-year-old girl who lived in the same village as me. We became friends, and she told me her story. She told me that the day before her brother died, she woke up in the middle of the night and saw her father’s ghost standing at the foot of his bed. She also told me that she regularly saw him under certain circumstances!
then, one day, she suggested I do a spiritualist session, in order to try to get in touch with her father! and I, of course, in search of strong sensations, I accepted!

the session took place in the middle of the afternoon at home (in her room) with doors and shutters closed! we had to be 3, but the third person left us along the way because she was too scared! so we were both of us, and started the session! We were sitting on the floor around a small table, there was a candle on the table, and to appeal to her father’s spirit, she used her pendant (offered by her father) that she held at arm’s length above the table. she invoked her father’s spirit when calling him.

I must admit that at that time, I was no longer reassured at all! Then, all of a sudden, her pendant started spinning violently over the table and I saw her eyes repulse and her body shake like in a trance! Everything was getting confused, and I felt like a storm was happening in that room, the noise was deafening!
Out of fear, I tried to grab her arm, and then, I don’t know how, something like a strong draught threw me a meter behind me against the edge of her bed! I was half conscious. When I came to my senses, the noise had stopped, and she hadn’t moved! I saw her pendant slow down, and that’s when I saw her come out of her “trance”! I grabbed her by the arm, I was terrified, and we ran out of her house! once outside, I explained to her… that force that had thrown me against the bed, the pendant, her eyes repulsed and her trembling, that deafening sound!

Well, she didn’t remember anything! As if she hadn’t seen the scene! She only remembered the beginning of the session and when I grabbed her by the arm to run away from us!
After this session, out of fear, I cut short our relationship! I must admit that something about her was very scary for me and the spiritualist session confirmed it to me!
After this event, I swore to myself that I would NEVER do another spiritualist session in my whole life!

Source of testimony: www.paranormal-investigations.be

Testimony #2 by “Ora”

ouijaI have been practicing Ouija since the age of 9 (she is a professional friend who had initiated me since childhood), I had the opportunity to practice several times alone or with other people of the time. Everything was going well.
I had always warned the others who participated with me (before the practice) never to play, laugh or even joke with the entities of the lower astral. And yes, I am considerate, especially in groups.

It was when I was 17 that one day I practiced in a group, I had warned before the others. At the beginning, at the beginning, everything was going well, the spirit was present, but when one of the group started laughing and making dirty jokes about everything the spirit could tell us before, so there if I may say so, the drop to turn on itself, the candles all went out, I was not afraid (I was very used to it) but only when I lit the candles again (as I could because in the dark it is not easy, I lit with brick and there, the girl of the group in question had her eyes repulsed and began to mumble indescribable words.

I had never experienced this before I think it was a case of brief possession we had to stop everything and cut it short with the mind and the girl who had the eyes repelled it to last for 2 hours after the end of the session, everything else in the group was freaking out except me…
She fell asleep and the next day she reported that she had seen in her sleep the life of the mind in question. I didn’t know what to say even though I was never possessed, I brought his testimony back on a notebook.

Source of testimony: http://www.forum-metaphysique.com/

Testimony n°3 by “Calou”

ouijaThis summer, it happened, adept of séances of spiritism (via a crystal glass and letters) while remaining as respectful as possible and respecting the rules, a friend and I decided to start a session, it started in good conditions with a very chatty spirit. One thing led to another, we realized that he was coming for my friend to warn her about research she was doing on her family, she wanted to reconstruct her family tree… This spirit advised him to stop his research immediately where there would be consequences. We asked him for a little more details, he just replied that the people she cared about most would be most anxious, then he pointed me out (that is, that this friend considered me her little sister, was a girl with a neck). Feeling tired, we decided to stop the session in accordance with the rules and thank him for his intervention!

(My friend living 1h30 from home, returned home a few days later, a little clarification before continuing our main communication tool when it is far away and mainly internet^^)
So a few days later during a video call on our computers we were surprised by a noise interfering with our conversation, at the time I got scared and mechanically asked her if she had stopped all research, with a smile on her face she told me that she had not because what the spirit told us on the contrary motivated her to look for more because if a spirit was involved it was that there had to be something…
The next day my box fell apart so it was impossible to communicate as we wanted via the net for 5 days… When I received my box it was my PC’s turn to give up the ghost… in short it is only material and surely a coincidence so I buy one more… every time my friend had decided to take the road to see me unexplained bleeding happen to her… to this day the doctors have still not discovered why…
I was beginning to worry more and more, but she replied that it was not pure coincidence and that she could not help but continue her research…

A few days later…my friend was about to disembark to spend a few days…When I came back from shopping I found my cat…whom I loved most of all lying on the ground…according to the vet he would have had a heart attack when he was barely 8 years old without any history or disease….my friend arrived the next morning… we went to church to buy candles and holy water to “purify” my apartment, she finally decided to stop her research, I had the right to a little depression… which affected a little bit our friendship… In short for nothing

Source of testimony: http://planete-paranormal.forumactif.fr

BONUS par malloryc :

When I was 13, my friends and I decided to play with a board. Of course, as I was a teenager who was crazy about boys, I asked who I was going to marry and the Ouija replied, “W.T.C. 3.” For years, it meant nothing to me until I met the man who became my husband. His initials are W. T. C. and he is the third to bear this name in his family. No one believes me when I tell this story, but it’s the truth!

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