According to several testimonies, it is said that one or more giant creatures of white color up to 30 meters long, with humanoid facial features, would inhabit the icy waters of Antarctica. No one knows for sure what these creatures really would be, but many ships claim to have seen these massive humanoid beings rise to the surface of the ocean’s depths.

In recent decades, rumors have circulated about the existence of gigantic marine humanoids or an unknown form of life that would populate the icy waters of Antarctica.

According to witnesses, these creatures called since “Ningen” (人間, “humanoid” in Japanese) would be a form of aquatic human life. According to the testimonies, they would have most of the time a head, arms and even hands with five fingers. They are described as having a large fin or a large tail very similar to that of mermaids or legs. The only distinctly visible features of the face would be their eyes and the mouth of the creature. With the amount of descriptions received for this giant sea, they seem to vary. However, although there are many descriptions that attempt to describe Ningen as clearly as possible, most of the witnesses seem to agree on the gigantic size of Ningen.

According to recorded reports, these supermassive white humanoid beings are up to 30 meters long. So, maybe it could be a species (very large fish) aquatic ever seen? But, according to several reports and countless videos that have been posted online, these mysterious beings are unlike anything we have ever encountered and that we could classify as an animal.

According to one report, crew members of a ship traveling near Antarctica could have observed what was initially considered a submarine in the distance. However, as they approached the unidentified submerged object a little further, it was clear to them, from the irregular shape of the object, that it was not a submarine, but a living creature. When the ship approached the creature even more, it quickly disappeared into the depths of Antarctica like a wild beast.

Ningen has also been spotted in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, giving rise to theories that suggest they are many and that they are essentially nocturnal creatures that would survive only in (very) cold waters. Most of the alleged sightings took place at night, making these mysterious beings extremely difficult to describe accurately and / or capture them in video / photo.Nigen

So in the end, what are these mystical creatures? For the most part, the existence of Ningen is considered a simple “urban legend” massively rependue (especially in Japan because in France, it remains little known) and modern. Much of the information on Ningen goes back to a series of messages in a kind of Japanese community forum, “2channel”, where an individual described seeing the giant humanoid creature while on a “research ship” for whale. They would have approached the creature closely, until it disappeared into the depths of the waters.

Subsequently, the subject becomes popular and attracts the attention of many people. Because of this, the Ningen became known in the paranormal world.

There are now several theories, which show that it would be an unknown species of fish, from manta ray to even a species of giant aquatic monkey. Some claim that it could be an alien species or just … a sea monster.

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