From the eyes that appear from their orbits, a disturbing smile crosses an emaciated, pale face and under the black hair is a grotesque mixture of human and animal parts: it is Momo, who holds his own game in hand. Indeed, in mid-2018, a new game called the “Momo Challenge” encourages users of a famous social network to take up dangerous challenges. The Momo Challenge, viral on social media platforms, in particular Whatsapp, is allegedly linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

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The Momo Challenge reportedly saw its sources on Facebook where members were “challenged” to contact an unknown phone number. Once the first contact has been established on the Whatsapp application with the person we don’t know anything about yet, the Momo account is displayed, notably with a horrible profile picture. It is then that from the beginning of the conversation, Momo would say “Hi, I’m Momo” and “I know everything about you” and then would be supposed to prove it by giving you a detail that only you have the knowledge.

The first momo number is +81 3 4510 2539, however more active since July 11, 2018.

Following this, Momo would be supposed to send you a number of challenges and activities. These would be challenges that would encourage users (often children) to engage in a series of acts that become increasingly dark and violent, those acts that have a more often psychic hold would lead to suicide.

However, if a user refuses to follow the rules of the game – something terrible would happen -. That is, Momo would threaten them with cruel deaths. In other cases, Momo will “punish” you by sending you sordid images of dead people, your home, yourself or videos of yourself. Moreover, she would accompany her media with words that make you have deep doubts. For example, if a photo of a corpse is sent, Momo can underline: “it could happen to your sister”.

The two main rules are:

  • Never answer the same question twice (in the same way)
  • Always carry out his orders.

What is TRUE, what is FALSE?

The account/number appears to be linked to three countries: Japan, Mexico and Colombia. Three users to terrorize thousands of people? And even if Momo is only a Bot (robot that sends automatic messages), someone has set it up well. Moreover, proven by many videos and screenshot, this account exists well (even if sometimes it does not answer), that is true.

Credit: Link Factory

However, Momo is not really what she (or he) seems to be (a doll with monstrous features), since the image that is used in profile is a photo of the work of art called “Mother Bird” by the company”Link Factory” (specializing in the creation of horrific figurines and statues, especially for cinema). This monstrous work was to be the mixture of a woman mixed with a bird (hen according to rumours). The Japanese company, made no statement about a possible link between them and the Momo Challenge. Wrongly pointed, the work was NOT created by the Japanese artist named Midori Hayashi.

“Would “Momo” be inspired by the Japanese work, or the opposite…?
Anyway, it doesn’t mean that Momo’s story is wrong, if we don’t know what momo really looks like, we know there is someone behind this character.

Credit: Link Factory / Instagram

The result of a game

One of the most infamous “Momo crimes” reportedly occurred in the city of Ingeniero Maschwitz, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 29 July 2018 reported the Buenos Aires Times. Police reportedly made a direct link between the death of a 12-year-old girl and gambling. The girl named Selene reportedly filmed her activities on her phone before killing herself. She will be found without a life hanging on a tree on the family property.

However, according to the police investigation, Selene was mistreated and raped before ending her life, a serious element that can lead to suicide when one is only 12 years old… Since then, the police have been investigating an 18-year-old young man with whom Selene allegedly had a virtual relationship on Whatsapp. For the moment, the investigation and the elements (videos etc) are kept secret.

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