As the slogan of the museum where Mandy, the Haunted Doll, currently resides: “If Mandy looks like an ordinary antique doll, she is much more than that.” Indeed, since her arrival in the museum, the doll whose past remains uncertain often manifests itself and the list of strange phenomena which it would be responsible, lengthens over time.

Mandy’s story:

Mandy was made in Germany between 1910 and 1920, and according to the testimonies of the time, she was in a bad state. His clothes were actually dirty, the fabric composing his body was torn, his porcelain head horribly cracked. In short, a rather sinister set and in front of his appearance of child, hides that of a terrifying child. This doll very old would have belonged to the grandmother of a woman named Mereanda. The latter traveled to British Columbia, Canada, to the Quesnel Museum in 1991, to entrust Mandy to conservative Ruth Stubbs. A noteworthy arrival because Mereanda would have put the doll so violently on the desk of the conservative, that the latter almost landed on the other side of his office. Mereanda was in a hurry and relieved to get rid of it because she felt nothing by looking at it, a real repulsion. Despite the strange behavior of her owner, Ruth Stubbs accepted her gift.

However, in order to verify that this doll is not contagious and also following the protocol, the curator will cover Mandy with a plastic tarpaulin in a work room, to conduct an analysis within 48 hours. The least that can be said is that Mandy’s arrival did not happen unnoticed, as museum staff and visitors felt uncomfortable as they passed by. she was terrified just by looking at her. As if a strange intuition was going to happen, the future will prove them right.

After the analysis, Mandy did not have her own window right away, and was placed on a table facing the front door so that all visitors could see her broken face. Some even claimed to have noticed that the doll blinked by itself, and that when one moved away, his eyes followed those of passersby. To celebrate the event, the curator invited a reporter and his girlfriend to come and photograph the doll for their newspaper. But it seems that Mandy would not appreciate being photographed because the couple of photographers said that during the whole session, many problems occurred in a mysterious way. They were invaded by deep discomfort, because when photographing the doll, the doll would have turned its head away from the lens. In addition to the development of photography, the photographer noticed that it was completely chewed and unrecoverable. This is the first time since he did this job, that it happened to him, and he later said, after further work done, that this strange phenomenon never happened again. But what is even more bizarre is to have discovered in their development laboratory photographs of Mandy, to notice an extreme disorder as if a child had made a whim because several pens and pencils were projected in the room and were lying on the ground, is this the manifestation of a Poltergeist?

The phenomena concerning this doll do not seem to stop since even the employees of the Quesnel Museum would have witnessed strange manifestations. The museum’s keeper reported hearing footsteps from Mandy’s room, but after verification there was no one but him. Other employees as noticed as Mandy’s arrival at the museum, meals mysteriously disappeared from the refrigerator to find them hidden in drawers or cabinets. One of them admitted that once Mandy fell awkwardly on the floor, real blood flowed from his head and several cracks appeared. Ruth Stubbs is a very Cartesian person, but faced with the scale of the phenomena, she decided to contact a retired curator known to have the gift of perceiving vibrations by touching objects. When he took the doll in his hands, he felt cold chills all over his body, and urged the curator of the Quesnel Museum to contact the former owner, to get more information about Mandy.

This is how Ruth made contact with Mereanda, who described her testimony. Mandy was formerly in his cellar, and strange phenomena were occurring in his presence. It happened quite frequently during the night that Mereanda heard the tears of a newborn in her basement, and when she went down to see what she perceived during her sleep, she did not find any children but the cellar was large. open and a strange breeze floated the curtains of the basement. Since she took Mandy to the museum, she says she has not heard a single noise and that the phenomena never appeared again. Of course, it is difficult to verify the veracity of his testimony.

Once Mandy was kept in a big window, other events took place. Indeed, the latter having not appreciated having changed location makes it understand, since the next day, an employee found small papers scattered in his glass box. It was from this strange realization that Mandy earned her haunted doll title. It is also said that she likes to play with electrical appliances by making them disrupt regularly. A visitor reported that once he wanted to film the doll with his camera, the camera went out and turned on every 5 seconds, yet when he left the room where Mandy was, the camera normally refitted. Is it then a malfunction of the device or the manifestation of Mandy wanting to show that it is indeed present? Other visitors lived strange phenomena such as the feeling of deep sadness arriving inexplicably when they are in the same room as the doll, the change of expression of his face overnight or change position of his hand. Thinking that she was alone in her window, the employees decided to buy him a little sheep to keep him company, but the next day they found him at the foot of the window while the latter was closed. In any case since her arrival, she has never hurt anyone and never has anyone.

Paranormal investigators have looked into the case of the haunted doll Mandy, and think she would be possessed by the soul of an innocent child. Yet other people claim that she would be possessed by an evil entity. Despite this debate about the nature of the living entity Mandy, there is a legend about it. The story tells that a little girl would be locked in a cellar with her doll. The girl would be dead and her mind would have been trapped inside the doll for an undetermined reason. Years later, we heard sobs rising from the basement and when we found out Mandy, she was crying tears of blood.

On the occasion of the release of a book on supernatural stories in British Columbia in 1992, Ruth Stubbs was interviewed about Mandy’s story when the book was published in 1999. Many people and media outlets jostled to see with their own eyes the haunted doll Mandy. Every year, the museum welcomes several visitors from all over the world to witness Mandy’s protests.

Here is the question that could be asked, after the many demonstrations that many people have witnessed, can we say that Mandy is truly inhabited by an entity whose nature is still unknown today or is it simply that the fruit of a collective imagination? It’s up to you to form your own opinion, but if Mandy’s goal was to get noticed for attention, then she must be satisfied with winning her bet.

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John Sinclair


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