Une planche Ouija can be an interesting experience. Some believe it is a door to another world and warn against its use, while others do not take this tool too seriously. Anyway, used by such or such people, it is necessary to be careful !

A Ouija board remains easy to use, but there are a few rules not to miss.

  1. It is necessary to be minimum 2. Before starting anything, it is not recommended to start a ouijà session alone. Be accompanied by at least one other person to use it with you. A man and a woman in the same group is usually recommended but not mandatory.
  2. The right time. Most practitioners suggest using the chart at night when they say there is less interference in the atmosphere, but you can use it at any time, day or night. However, try to find the quietest possible time to start.
  3. Create a good atmosphere. The Ouija is better to use if you darken the room and light some candles. Turn off the TV and all music to minimize distractions. If there are many of you during the session, try to make sure that everyone is attentive, calm and serious.
  4. Sit down. Participants must sit face to face. Some recommend not to use the board on a table but rather to put the board on your knees, touching in turn the knees of the other members, if possible…
  5. Designate a leader. Even if everyone can ask questions – or someone else in the room – only one user should be selected in advance. (the one who formally asks questions to the ouijà board).
  6. Place your fingers correctly. You and the other participants must place your fingers (index & major) with both hands very slightly on the board/drop or pointer. They must not press hard on the drop.
  7. Prepare the gout. Simply move the drop in a circle on the board for a few moments to “warm” it.
  8. Pré-commencement. The chosen leader should start by announcing aloud that the session will only allow a positive experience and that negative energies are strictly not welcome. Despite this this, it is possible that some malignant never let the person in contact with you control the session.
  9. Start simply. Start with a simple question, which requires a “yes” or “no” answer.
  10. Be patient. It is possible to wait several minutes before proceeding to the first contact. Do not discourage yourself discourage yourself so not after 5/10 minutes of waiting !
  11. Stay polite. When the contact is launched, thank the entity (or entities) for introducing themselves and communicating with you.
  12. Don’t ask stupid questions. Avoid questions such as: “When will I die? If the entity answers, “in 6 months”, you could blame yourself unnecessarily. Also, you can’t always trust the other person to tell you the truth.
  13. Do not ask for physical signs. Many inexperienced users are concerned about asking for physical signs that “mind” is present or not. Never do this, this may have serious consequences on one of the members present.
  14. Don’t believe everything you hear. As with any other source of information, do not accept everything the entity says is true or accurate information.
  15. Close the session well. This is an important step. When you have finished your session, intentionally slide the drop to “Bye” and remove your hands.


Ask someone to write the messages/answers. Sometimes, gout shows itself very rapid and it becomes difficult to keep track of what is said. A third person with paper and pen to write messages such as they introduce themselves, can be helpful.

Play safe and serine. You will get better results if you have not drunk or smoked.

Maintain control. If the board begins to give crude, vulgar, obscene or otherwise unpleasant answers, immediately interrupt the session by closing the board.

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