The idea that primitive humanity was influenced by extraterrestrial beings has spread widely in modern society. Especially with the emergence of the so-called theory of ancient astronauts, people have begun to wonder whether it is possible that in the distant past, perhaps tens of thousands of years ago, ancient humanity was visited by other beings of the world, by alien civilizations, who came to earth and contributed to the evolution of humanity.

On Earth, the evidence of contact with extraterrestrials is, according to many, immense. Many ancient sites on Earth defy explanation. For centuries, experts have tried to unravel the mysteries of building certain sites. Scientists wondered how ancient civilizations had the ability to move blocks of super-massive stones hundreds of kilometres from their quarries to construction sites. They got tired of solving the mystery of how they were extracting some of these rocks, and with what kind of tools… The more they searched, the more questions they asked themselves…

As many questions remained unanswered, some people began to wonder if some of these sites were not built by aliens?

Puma Punku

Credit: Unknown

At a distance of about 72 km west of La Paz in Bolivia, we find one of the most beautiful ancient sites on the surface of our planet.

The number of megalithic stones found at Puma Punku is one of the greatest discoveries on the planet. Puma Punku breaks all the traditional viewpoints on ancient cultures. Incredibly precise stones, precision cuts and polished surfaces have defied explanation for centuries. The Andesite stones used in the construction process of this megalithic site were cut with such precision that they fit perfectly into each other without the use of mortar. This ancient site continues to challenge countless theories put forward by scholars, historians and scientists. Many people say that this ancient site was not the fruit of man, but of the gods who came down from heaven thousands of years ago.

The Pyramids of Gizeh

Credit: Jerzy Strzelecki

The construction of the pyramids of the Giza plateau remains an unresolved mystery. Despite the fact that there is written evidence explaining how some blocks were transported to the pyramid, archaeologists do not really know how the pyramid was built. How did the ancient Egyptians stack massive blocks of stone? How did they move them as the pyramid rose? What was the real purpose of the pyramid? Why are the three main pyramids aligned with Orion? Why didn’t the experts find a mummy inside the pyramid, if it was built as a resting place? Why are there still rooms inside? How is it possible that the builders placed the Great Pyramid at the exact centre of the Earth’s landmass more than 4,500 years ago?

All these questions have led to many theories suggesting that pyramids were not built by human hands, but by an influence of another world.


Credit: Jackhynes

Teotihuacán is an ancient city known for its massive pyramid complex and its incredible astronomical alignment. The “City of the Gods” was created thousands of years ago, and its design, architecture and mysterious features have led many people to believe that it was not built by human hands. One of the most massive structures in Teotihuacán is the Sun Pyramid. Interestingly, this structure is also one of the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. Moreover, the curious alignment of the pyramid is supposed to be based on calendar cycles.


Credit: TheDigitalArtist

Located outside of Salisbury in the United Kingdom, we find a massive circle of stones ranging in weight from 30 to 60 tons. Considered to have been built in the Neolithic, this fascinating ancient site inspired great authors such as Erich von Däniken to question whether it is a model of our solar system and whether it could have been used as a landing pad for alien spacecraft. Today, modern scholars are still unable to decipher the mystery behind Stonehenge. Experts are unable to understand how the elders transported the massive stones, or why they are positioned as they are…

Image credit to the front page: tomud

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