The story of the black-eyed children is an urban legend, democratized in 1996 with the testimony of a journalist, Brian Bethel, but before we talk about it, let’s get to know these “creatures” already present in the 1950s. This observation was made by a 16-year-old teenager, Harold, near his home in Virginia. He noticed a child standing near a nearby fence. As he approached, he said hello but the boy did not answer. When he turned his heels, the child answered: I want to go to your house, you have to take me to your house. The next second, Harold saw the child’s eyes. They were totally black. His instinct told him to run, but he stayed put. The child spoke again: Now, don’t try to get away from me anymore. You’re going to take me home with you. That was enough for Harold, who ran, to escape this horrible apparition.

This story informs us on several points. These kids look stoic. Of course, we notice here the black eyes. There is also their willingness to want to return to people’s homes at all costs. Finally, they seem to be able to read minds or feel states of mind, especially when told no. This information reflects our imagination. We imagine demons, aliens or others.

Let us now look at the story of journalist Brian Bethel. It was mentioned on the Usenet group alt.magick on July 30, 1997. He says he was sitting in his car when he heard knocking on the window. He lives with two children. He didn’t understand why, but Brian felt a great fear. He still opened his car window slightly to talk to them. The older of the two children asked the gentleman if he could take them home with him. He claimed that they wanted to see a film but that they had forgotten the change and needed a ride home to see the film on time.
The cinema was close enough for Bethel to notice the film files. He asked what film they were going to see. They replied Mortal Kombat. Coincidentally, Brian knew that this film had already started an hour ago. He also noticed that their way of speaking was not natural.

They talked again: Just let us in and we’ll be gone before you know it. We will go to our mother’s house.
Everything the older one said gave Bethel the goose pulpit. The next second, he saw the children’s black eyes, they lacked life.
They spoke again: Come on, sir, we’re not going to hurt you. You must let us in. We don’t have a weapon.
The more they talked, the more sure Bethel was that he had to leave. It started fast and the children were always screaming to let them in. Looking back, he saw no trace of the children. They had disappeared in an instant.

Fear is still present here. Their eagerness and black eyes too. The fact that they appear very early in our history suggests that it is only an urban legend, and therefore not verified. Yet in 2013, in an article in the Abilene Reporter News, Brian Bethel maintains that his meeting was real.

Since then, the number of testimonies has increased. New details have emerged. There are often two children and witnesses always report a feeling of anxiety without knowing why. They sometimes knock on house doors and are unable to enter without being invited. Some people let these children into their homes and soon after, they became ill, their condition deteriorating rapidly.

The nature of these creatures is uncertain: vampires, demons, ghosts, aliens or just a legend, we may never know.


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