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The cult series of the 70s is still remembered today. But something is not normal in the story Bewitched: The majority of adult main actors all died of cancer in the late 50s to 70s and other actors would have fallen seriously ill during the active years of the series.

Crédit image ABC télévision – Dick York (Darrin), Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha) et Agnes Moorhead (Endora)

A very popular series since its creation in 1964, the story tells the story of Samantha Steven, an adorable witch living in a quiet city with her husband Jean-Pierre (Darrin in the American version) and who hides her powers from her entourage, even in the most catastrophic situations caused by her angry mother Endora. For nearly ten years the series had seduced millions of fans and this popularity never faded, but did you know that a strange curse would have struck the actors of the series?

The legend of Bewitched’s curse began with the death of actress Alice Pearce, who played the role of the curious neighbour of the Stevens family, following ovarian cancer on March 3, 1966 at the age of 48. The actress who replaced her, Sandra Gould, died of cancer herself at the age of 82 on July 20, 1999. Then Marion Lorne, the unforgettable performer of Samantha’s clumsy aunt died during the shooting of the series on May 9, 1968 at the age of 84. The fate hits the show in 1969 when the lead actor playing Samantha’s husband, Dick York, was seriously injured during the shooting of the film “Ceux de Cordurra” when a poorly adjusted machine broke the actor’s back leaving him with the back epilepsy affected and the muscles of his torn back. He remained in terrible pain and sank into a rather heavy drug addiction. He could no longer interpret his role and had to be absent often because of his state of health, which shattered his career and life. He died of lung cancer on February 20, 1992 at the age of 63, ruined and handicapped by his failing health.

He was replaced for his role by another Dick, Dick Sargent who did not please the audience, regretting the former Jean-Pierre/Darrin and the show did not stop having its audiences down. Dick Sargent died of prostate cancer at the age of 63 on July 8, 1994. Ironically, his career was also shattered after he admitted his homosexuality, as morals were not in his favor, Hollywood and television closed the doors of glory to him, and fans didn’t like him because of his role in the show. He fought for homosexual rights throughout his life.

Elizabeth Montgomery, the lead actress in the series, died of colon cancer on May 18, 1995 at the age of 62 while she was still at the height of her fame, remaining one of the fetish actresses on the small screen. The actress playing the role of Darrin Stevens’ boss’s wife, Kasey Rodgers died at age 80 of throat cancer on July 6, 2006 after fighting for years against this cancer that ruined her acting career. David White, the actor playing the husband of the previous one and Alfred’s cult role in the series, lost his son in an attack in 1988 and died himself of a heart attack at the age of 74 on November 27, 1990. Actress Agnes Moorhead, playing the cult Endora, died of uterine cancer on April 30, 1974 at the age of 73. Actress Reta Shaw, who played the role of Agatha, died on January 8, 1982 at the age of 69 of lung cancer, and actor Paul Lynde, who played the role of teasing Uncle Arthur, died of heart fatigue due to drugs and alcohol at the age of 55 on January 10, 1982. Actor George Tobias, who played Sandra Gould’s husband and Alice Pierce, the husband of curious neighbour Charlotte, died of bladder cancer at the age of 78 on February 27, 1980. Then Esmeralda’s performer in the series, Irene Vernon died of colon cancer on April 21, 1998 at the age of 75.

But why would it be a curse? Many would indeed consider that the occult nature of the series would have cursed the actors and that this strange common point of cancers that took the majority of actors to ages close to each other would be related to the curse. Others would have hypothesized that this would be related to the actress Reta Shaw who was known to do ouija sessions and who, according to the legend, served as an occultism advisor several times during the shooting of the series. It should also be mentioned that some actors left the shoot because of serial depression or alcohol problems that affected the shooting of the family show.

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