Annabelle, a famous haunted doll highlighted by the movie The Conjuring by James Wan in 2013, is not just a fictional work. The story of this crummy creature is inspired by a famous story of paranormal obsession highlighted by the famous couple of investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

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Any story, as terrifying as it may be, is always a beginning and this story begins when a mother falls in love with this Rageddy Ann rag doll in a used store in 1970. She made the decision to buy her for the birthday of her daughter Donna, a medical student, and a collocation with a friend named Angie, a medical student.

Soon, the girls began to see that something is wrong with the doll, she changes places regularly during their absences for their classes, changes position, words are scribbled on pieces of paper “help me”, “help us “,” Miss me “, looked like children’s writings. The two students then decide to make contact with a medium, who tells them that the little doll would have been owned by a woman named Annabelle Higgins, then aged 7 when she died.

The two friends, moved by the story of Annabelle, then decide to let the tormented spirit of the little girl to live the doll. One day, Donna invited her friend Lou to sleep, who did not believe in the existence of spirits, much less a rag doll could be haunted. However, Lou had a nightmare when he dreamed that Annabelle was trying to strangle him, when he woke up, traces of blood appeared around his throat, Lou’s nightmares worsened as he slept with the girls . One day, when he suffered physical aggression in front of them, the girls decided to appeal to the famous couple of investigators spiritualists: Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Very quickly, they conclude that it is not the spirit of a child, but of a disembodied negative entity, wanting to take possession of the body of one of the three protagonists. In the same way, they explain that an entity can not take possession of an object, but only to use it as support. They then call on an exorcist to bless the place and take the doll with them.

The Warren couple settled Annabelle in Ed’s occult museum in the town of Monroe, Connecticut, and blessed the doll once a month by a priest. But the curse does not stop there. On the road home, several times, with the doll, the brakes of Ed’s car began to drop especially when approaching tight turns. When Ed was exasperated, bless the doll with holy water, there would be no more incident of that kind. Also, a priest, came to bless the museum, had a sudden crisis of panic when he wanted to bless Annabelle, he then threw it violently by insulting it. Ed warned him to be careful on the way home, and the priest had an accident where the car’s brakes went off. The car was totally destroyed, but miraculously, the churchman escaped without injury.

At a reception given by Ed and Lorraine, she stepped aside to speak with a priest, Father Jason, in the museum of the occult near Annabelle, this one, began to fix the wall, where were hung ornaments decorated with wild boar teeth. Suddenly, this decoration began to explode with a sound of detonation that roused the guests in the museum. A photo was taken where we would see, according to the words, orbs above Annabelle, and some of these orbs in the direction of father Jason.

On another occasion, a police officer came to ask Ed for information on a case of witchcraft-related murder, and Ed left him in the office for 5 minutes, asking him not to touch anything. Ed found the policeman, livid and terrified, in front of his office, indicating that he had seen the doll move.

The couple decided that it was high time to do something to limit the incidents related to Annabelle, which was becoming more and more important. They then put it in a “protected” glass box with the instruction of “A vertissement – Positively, Do not open “.

There are no more incidents following this, some feelings of vertigo, oppression, observations are felt in the museum, especially near Annabelle. Nevertheless, a young couple, after watching the film Conjuring, went to visit the museum of the occult. One of them disrespected the doll by tapping on his window and telling him he was not afraid, that it was nothing but a piece of rag. The couple had a motorcycle accident on the way home, the young man who had disrespected Annabelle, died on the spot ….

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