Since the 1960s, there have been a lot of testimonies about ufology, in fact, we will talk about abductions. These are kidnappings of extraterrestrial, mystical nature and products by day and by night. Most victims do not remember their disappearance, at least not immediately.


Abducted people (people who are victims of abductions) often report the same type of vision, presence on a spaceship with deformed creatures of various sizes that seem to test things on them. Sometimes it seems that aliens kidnap them just to send them a message they need to deliver to the world or their entourage. As surprising as it may seem, some of the sick victims reported that when they returned to earth after their abductions, the effects of their diseases would have completely disappeared, some even suffering from severe terminal cancers.

The description in the majority of the testimonies that saw these creatures who would have been guilty of these abductions would be common humanoids known as “Little Greys” about 1 m long, without noses, with a large forehead, deep black eyes and dark or light grey skin. In some cases, there would also be “Reptilians” with a similar resemblance to humans, but with a face and skin made of reptile scales. Others speak of luminous human forms.

The abducted would have undergone examinations or experiments. Most of the time, they forget their abductions and what has been done to them. Nevertheless, the human psyche being what it is, it is nightmares, different attitudes, snippets of memories or even observations of foreign bodies in their bodies, which sows doubt in them. Many then decide to go for a consultation, so few doctors take seriously, it is then recommended to undergo regressive hypnosis tests to go back in search of buried memories of our unconscious.

As skeptics indicate, it could be an overactive imagination, chronic fatigue syndromes that can produce cases of sleep paralysis; altered consciousness, depressed people in existential crises.

What about the implants? Because another fact corroborating the abduction of aliens is the implants found in a large part of abducted people.

According to ufological as well as scientific specialists, the implants found on abducted patients could be transmitters and receivers of signals of extraterrestrial origin to follow victims, it is a bit like the principle of putting a tracking ring for a pigeon, except that it is a little more complex. Implants would have many unknown components, however, they contain ferro-nickel, chlorapatite, but also chloric. More precisely, components found on meteorites.

In addition, the outer shell of the implant consists of keratin, which is a natural substance that surrounds an invasive foreign body in our body. According to various “found” implants, their size would vary between 1 and 4 mm. So why doubt the words of people with unknown implants? And why, more than a thousand people would have experienced the same thing, without ever meeting or even living on the same continent?

Some abducted would have indicated having communicated with their kidnappers afterwards in different forms of communication, some would live on Mars, Pluto but still exoplanets billions of kilometers from ours….

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