Every time we talk about aliens, we talk about UFO sightings, when we talk about UFOs, people talk about alien abductions, and when we document a case where someone claims to have been abducted, we end up with alien implants. But what are the mysterious miniature devices? If proven authentic, these implants could be considered evidence of extraterrestrial presence.

Strange marks on the body and/or implants taken from persons claiming to have been removed were discovered each time a person claimed to have been removed. The case of extracted implants is very fascinating, and if it is proven that they are authentic, this material could be considered as the long search for scientific evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials and alien abductions.

Roger Leir is probably the best person with “experience” in extracting extraterrestrial implants. Moreover, Dr Leir, would have practiced 17 surgical operations during which he extracted small objects of unknown origin.

According to this same doctor, a hallucinating characteristic is that these supposed inlays, the size of a pencil tip, were magnetic in nature, and some even emitted radio frequencies. Other objects examined contained meteorite fragments; metals such as gallium, germanium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, rhodium and iridium.

According to Alex Mosier, PhD in philosophy, chemistry and physics, who examined the mysterious objects with Leir, the fibers were found to be very similar to carbon nanotubes, suggesting that the fragments were designed or fabricated artificially:

“You wouldn’t find these things in nature, they have to be processed, they require complex engineering, and they’re not easy to make.”


Credit : MUFON

As noted mufon.com, tests were performed both on so-called “extraterrestrial” implants removed and on individuals several years after surgical removal.

The alleged implants removed from the first set of surgeries were studied by two different pathologists and then sent to various independent laboratories for further scientific analysis. The tests performed on these suspected foreign implants included pathologic/tissue evaluation, laser-induced decomposition spectroscopy (LIBS), extensive metallurgical tests including density immersion testing, X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction pattern analysis, and electronic/magnetic and fluorescence properties analysis. Isotopic range tests are also underway. The tests were conducted by the National Institute of Discovery of Science (NIDS), New Mexico Tech and other independent sources.

In short, a series of tests that can only give the object little chance to hide its physical secrets.

“The results of these implant surgeries are very unusual,” reported Dr. Leir. “In all these cases, there was virtually no inflammatory reaction.”

This is not the usual finding in foreign tissue reactions. Generally, foreign bodies incorporated into tissues cause an acute or chronic inflammatory reaction and may include fibrosis and cyst formation. That was not the case here. The pathological reports of the first two surgeries revealed that the metal objects were enclosed in a very dense and resistant grey membrane composed of protein coagulum, haemosteridine and pure keratin. More directly: blood proteins and skin cells that are usually found in the surface layer of the skin.

These biological “cocoons” that surround implants also contain nerve proprioceptors (nerve cells and pressure cells). These implanted cocoons also fluoresced bright green in the presence of an ultraviolet light source.

Dr. Leir, who also worked as a medical consultant at the Mutual UFO Network, said that the people from whom he removed the foreign objects had no visible scars or visible traces of the skin. However, even though there was no sign of inflammation, the X-rays showed the object incrustation, which seemed almost impossible.

The specialist died on 14 March 2014, so that his studies did not go beyond a certain stage and prevented a better understanding of the results. Until now, medicine, and probably other scientific fields, have had the phobia of testing people who claimed to have been abducted.

There are very few scientists and doctors who have dared to venture into UFOlogy and what surrounds it, especially because of the loss of prestige it entails…

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