Since August 2017, New York illustrator Adam Ellis has been telling and documenting in detail the presence of an evil spirit in his home. That of a little child with a dented skull, David.

The latter would have appeared for the first time in a dream, during a paralysis of Adam’s sleep, simply sitting in the green rocking chair in his room. A few days later, he had another dream where a little girl assured him that he had met “Dear David”, who only appeared at midnight. She then teaches him that he can ask him two questions, starting with “dear David” (“Dear David”, then), but warns him that if he tries to ask a third one, he will kill him.

Naturally, as in any self-respecting horror scenario, the time Adam dreamed of little David again, he asked three questions. He first asked him how he died (an accident, in a store), then what had happened (a shelf was pushed over his head), then who had pushed the shelf, to which David did not respond. Realizing his mistake, he woke up with a start.

Adam tried to find out if this accident had indeed occurred on the net and in the archives, without success, then he moved into the apartment upstairs, and was quiet for a while, before David “found him”. Since then, he has told his paranormal misadventures on Twitter via texts, photos and videos, between strange noises, objects that move alone, panicked cats after midnight, atrocious dreams and other strange things happening at home…

Later, during a trip to Japan, in the middle of all this, he even seemed to see David on a statue in Sapporo.

Adam then began to guess David’s figure everywhere, thanks to his camera…

One night he dreamt that David was approaching him and taking his picture so that there would be evidence of his death. The next day, he found obscure photos in his phone, but by modifying the contrasts… he saw the child appear.

Adam Ellis then began to hear strange noises above his apartment, as he lived on the top floor of his building. He therefore conducted a small investigation, and discovered an empty space between his dwelling and the roof, as well as a hatch leading to it.

Under the hatch, an old leather child’s shoe. Really not reassured, he called his owner to see if there was not an animal in this empty space, which would explain the noise. The latter saw nothing and found nothing, except a log, whose defects presage a very old manufacture.

Still tormented by nightmares around the mind of this child, Adam Ellis decided to download an application that takes a picture every minute, and direct him to his bed while he sleeps.

For the holiday season, he went to Montana for a few days to clear his head, but soon he felt surrounded by an evil presence again. When he came out of the shower, he seemed to see and hear someone or something behind the window. He didn’t risk checking in the dark, but the next day he found tiny footprints (he assures you they’re not animal tracks) in the snow…

Back home, he dreamt about David again. More precisely, that this one, hovered above his bed, and that he had woken him by throwing himself on him. Once out of sleep, he found this photo taken through his application.

Of course, life goes on, even when a ghost persecutes you. But the Net surfers, very fond of this history, are not all in agreement as for the interpretation of all this. Some, for example, think that he over-interprets things, or that he has produced the most successful horror photo novel of the century by pointing out inconsistencies.

Others, on the contrary, take these events very seriously, examine each photo and video, find details he hadn’t seen, and redouble advice for “debunk” the situation. But despite a sage purification and the intervention of a medium at Adam Ellis, David continues to appear during the night.

See the full story : https://storify.com/moby_dickhead/dear-david
Follow Adam Ellis : https://twitter.com/moby_dickhead

Source : Tic Time

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