About us • Hellystar

As simple as possible: Hellystar has only one goal: Discovery.

Created in September 2016, Hellystar is a site for the world of the strange. Even if it was paranormal, the short time has made the diversity of published articles wider, while trying to keep the strange and unusual little thing of what we were talking about at the very beginning. Moreover, the articles are nowadays written by several people loyal to the site but can also come from people who are passing through and want to expose their favourite subjects on the site.

The main topics of the topics addressed in the articles are :

  • The paranormal
  • The unusual nature
  • History

These are not all the categories, but the most nourished subjects.

We always try to create better articles.

The Hellystar editorial team is amateur, however, as enthusiasts, we strive to create authentic articles of good quality. Depending on the subject, these are not necessarily truthful. We also try to allow the user to find in an article as much information and sources as possible even if depending on the age of the subject or others, this is not always possible.

Hellystar is not a company, a trade or an organization and is managed by private individuals.

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